20 March – World Wide Protest

There will be a worldwide protest against lockdowns and restrictions, taking place on 20 March 2021. This protest will be organized and supported by several organizations. Please contact us, if you can provide further details. On this date there will be another Great Re-Opening, so don’t forget to visit small and medium businesses. If you

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Are Protests Legal?

It is one of our basic rights to be able to gather and make use of free speech. We have a right to gather and a right to free speech by law. With the excuse of Covid legislation, the government and the police are imposing restrictions on gatherings. Protests are however exempt in all three

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Large groups of Protesters Chased and Harassed by Police

On Saturday, thousands of protesters gathered near Marble Arch protesting loudly against totalitarian CV19 restrictions and lockdowns. Police was present in large. Dozens of police vans were driving around the city centre, hunting for protesters. Police on foot were splitting up groups, harassing and arresting people. Like in a cat and mouse chase, the protesters

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