Saturday’s Protests

Saturday 16 October, 12-3pm, STAND WITH OZ Join Australians as they hold a nationwide rally for peace and freedom! Australia House, Strand, London WC2B 4LA More events this Saturday: Saturday 16 October, Gloucester, Hold the Line, City Centre Saturday 16 October, Peterborough, No Covid restrictions, No Vax Pass, Embankment, meet at Key Theatre 1pm Look

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Watch Worldwide Freedom Demonstration 4.0

Get ready for the next big protest! Saturday, 18 September, 12pm Worldwide Rally for Freedom 4.0 UK and Ireland, London, Leeds, Manchester, Norwich, Bristol, Glasgow, Hull, Scarborough, Birmingham, Cardiff… No Vax Mandates, No Health Passports, No Restrictions Find more locations here: https://worldwidedemonstration.com/ LONDON: Gather at Regents Park Gloucester Gate entrance NW1 4HG The march will

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Meeting Like-Minded People

Occasionally, we get requests from people wanting to meet others. The White Rose UK does not organise any meet-ups, but we can  help people to connect. If you are interested in meeting other like-minded people there are the Stand in the Park meetings in most UK towns on Sundays (not organised be The White Rose

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Stop The Shot! Online Meeting, 4 August

The Truth for Health Foundation and LifeSiteNews presented live in an online meeting “Stop the Shot… The Rest of the Story.” This online meeting featured Dr. Peter McCullough, Attorney Thomas Renz, Dr. Michael Yeadon, Sister Deidre Byrne, Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, Dr. Jose Trasancos, Dr Sucharit Bhakdi and other prominent physicians, scientists, attorneys, and religious

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Protests in LONDON and PARIS

Saturday, 14 August, Protest March, LONDON This protest is a march and will not include any speeches, organised groups, parties or picnics. Departing from Charing Cross station at 12 noon. Protest against vax pass, lockdowns, Agenda21, forced vaccination, cover-ups of vaccine injuries and deaths, masks, non-stop lies… Print leaflets for distributing: https://thewhiterose.uk/downloads/

Watch: Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium Hosted By UK Column

29 July 6-11pm 30 July 5-10pm Calling for immediate intervention – gold standard covid science in practice. Online interdisciplinary symposium, presented by Doctors for Covid Ethics. Hosted by UK Column. Among the Speakers Prof Sucharit Bhakdi MD Dr Reiner Fuellmich Dr Michael Yeadon Prof Martin Haditsch Catherine Austin Fitts Dr Thomas Binder Associate Prof Michael

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