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Oxford Newspeak: ‘Traffic Filters’ Sounds Better than ‘Climate Lockdowns’

Oxford council calls people who are concerned about restrictions on our freedom of movement, surveillance, and data collection—guess what—conspiracy theorists. They have also renamed the ‘climate lockdowns’ and now call them ‘traffic filters’, because it sounds better. Ironically, in their attempt to calm everyone down, they confirm the very concerns mentioned above. Oxford council is

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Oxford – Levers of Power at Work

Climate lockdowns, controlling opposition, levers of power and the Dark Side (Katie Hopkins OFFICIAL/YT): Have your say! Take part in our writing challenge 2023—How to Avoid Digital Slavery. See also: Climate Lockdowns in 2024? Scotland Implementing Perilous Net Zero Plan Climate Change Stupidity Exposed Net Zero Has Nothing to Do With Climate but Has Everything

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