Net Zero

Food Scare Exercise – How They’re Preparing Us for the Next Manufactured Crisis

Fresh Warning! – They Are Preparing Us For The next Crisis… (Neil McCoy-Ward/YT): Food Alert Crisis Scenario (Centre for Systems Solutions/YT): Food Alert – Stress testing the EU food system Denmark to charge farmers €100 a cow in first carbon tax on agriculture Europe Is Wargaming a Food Crisis (with paywall) Europe is wargaming a

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I fly, You Take the Train: What the Elite Plans for Europe’s Climate ‘Sacrifice’

The European Commission has accepted a European initiative called ‘Air-Quotas’ which aims to introduce carbon quotas for all citizens in order to reduce their consumption. First, they admit that it is “air transport,” but then it will be “services and goods” that will be affected by this pollution quota. This may come as a surprise

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The Heritage Party is Socially Conservative with Christian Principles

There are 2 sexes, not 79 genders. Marriage is one man and one woman. Pro-life. Against euthanasia. (David Kurten/YT) Heckled for opposing diversity officers and net-zero: I was heckled for opposing £billions wasted on diversity officers and ‘net zero’ at the Bognor Regis and Littlehampton general election hustings. (David Kurten/YT) ‘Mass immigration is causing the

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