Net Zero

The Luton Fire

The Luton Fire Part 3 – Summing Up: In this video we’re looking at the timeline of the event, including when footage arrived, and we’re asking some key questions that really should be asked… As we work our way through the facts (fake or otherwise), we meander to a big conclusion. But sadly it’s not

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The Blade Runners – Freeing London from Surveillance Cameras

London, England: An anti-ULEZ vigilante group known as the “Blade Runners” has committed itself to removing or disabling every last ULEZ camera in London. 90% of the cameras in South East London have already been “retired”. Within London’s ‘Ultra Low Emission Zone’, people are charged a daily fee of up to £17.50 for driving cars

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Why Should We Bow Down to the Intrusive Dictates of An Unelected Foreign Entity?

Wake-up call ‘… we should not and will not!’ A talk given in Canadian Parliament. Ever thought what SMART stands for? S for surveillanceM for monitoringA for analysisR for reportingT for technology 15-minute cities with cameras set up in every corner are not for your benefit. They are here to control everyone. Maximum surveillance allows

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