Petition: Appeal to Catholic Leaders to Reject Abortion-Tainted Covid Vaccines and Mandates

As governments across the globe seek to mandate abortion-tainted Covid-19 “vaccines” on millions of people against their will, medical autonomy continues to diminish worldwide, setting a dangerous precedent for future generations. In response, during this Season of Advent, we have an important petition sponsored by Deacon Nick Donnelly of the Diocese of Lancaster, England, which

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Australia – Kill the Bill

The Victorian Government has been forced to water down its controversial pandemic bill as a heated debate is set to unfold in Parliament this week as the legislation hits the Upper House and protests continue to swell on Melbourne streets. Three cross bench MPs at the centre of the legislation insist they’re ‘proud’ of the

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A Personal Beliefs Declaration

A retired UK lawyer has launched a new website to give voice to those who have genuine ethical and moral objections to forced pharmaceutical treatments.  provides a non-denominational Personal Beliefs Response to unethical medical mandates, coercion, bullying, sanctions and discrimination, declaring equal respect for all forms of life, saying NO! to Genetic Engineering, saying

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