Casket Manufacturer: Coffins for Children Ordered in Bulk, ‘First Time in Over 30 Years’

A Toronto-area casket manufacturer has seen a dramatic rise in orders for smaller-sized coffins since the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines. Children are dying. Ultimately, everything in life comes down to death. We are raised to believe that there’s a time for living and a time for dying. The time for dying comes with illness, accidents,

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Australia Still Fighting Against Vaccine Mandates

There may be circumstances in which proof of vaccination is required, such as continued employment in particular areas. One example of this is the mandatory vaccination requirements for all residential aged care workers… (Australian Government—Department of Health and Aged Care Based on the latest health advice, a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy for a majority

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Over 400 Doctors and Professionals Declare International Medical Crisis Due to Covid Vaccine Injuries and Deaths

Over 400 doctors, scientists and professionals from more than 34 countries have declared an international medical crisis due to illnesses and deaths caused by the covid vaccine. The full declaration: DECLARATION OF INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL CRISIS DUE TO THE DISEASES AND DEATHS CO-RELATED TO THE “COVID-19 VACCINES” We, the medical doctors and scientists from all over

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