What Has Happened to Ireland?

Ireland, just like many countries in the world, has had some of the most strict lockdowns and covid related restrictions. John-Henry talks with Gemma O’Doherty, an investigative and multi award-winning journalist on-the-ground, who is exposing the growing totalitarian measures, willing to do so even if it means arrest. O’Doherty also reflects on the faith which

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This Is Not About Our Health!

Dr Sean Brooks speaks out at school board about deadly so-called vaccines. Mother whose daughter died five hours after Pfizer ‘vaccine’ cries on others not to take the shot. Wat verschrikkelijk voor deze moeder die haar dochter is verloren aan Pfizer. Helaas is ze niet de enige. — Free The People (@FreeThePeople68) August 20,

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Stop The Shot! Online Meeting, 4 August

The Truth for Health Foundation and LifeSiteNews presented live in an online meeting “Stop the Shot… The Rest of the Story.” This online meeting featured Dr. Peter McCullough, Attorney Thomas Renz, Dr. Michael Yeadon, Sister Deidre Byrne, Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet, Dr. Jose Trasancos, Dr Sucharit Bhakdi and other prominent physicians, scientists, attorneys, and religious

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