CEO Of German Insurance Company Fired After Leaking Data Showing Covid Vaccine Injuries Aren’t Being Reported

Andreas Schofbeck, the CEO of one of Germany’s leading health insurance companies, was terminated last month after releasing data that showed health authorities were dramatically underreporting covid vaccine injuries.

The information has since been removed from the BKK/ProVita health insurance company’s website. (…)

In his letter to the PEI [Paul Ehrlich Instituteand], Schofbeck wrote:

“If these figures are extrapolated to the whole year and to the population in Germany, probably 2.5-3 million people in Germany have received medical treatment for vaccination side effects after Corona vaccination.”

Dr Dirk Heinrich, chairman of NAV-Virchow Bund, an association of private medical practitioners in Germany, said PEI and BKK would be working closely to examine the billing code data. Heinrich also stated that the conclusions from Schofbeck’s letter are “complete nonsense.”

According to some experts, however, insurance company data may ultimately prove to be the most telling when it comes to accuracy about adverse events and deaths from covid vaccines — that’s because insurers are highly motivated to carefully track any anomalies in their data that could profoundly affect their profits and losses.

The BKK data, in concert with US insurance industry data and adverse event reports collected by a survey conducted by the Israeli Ministry of Health (MOH), reveal an emerging pattern of underreporting of covid vaccine-related injuries and deaths. (…)

Before the BKK data disappeared, Florian Schilling, a German researcher and physician, took a deeper look at it, comparing it to existing reports from the PEI.

According to Schilling’s analysis:

PEI’s reported numbers for 2021 were 7 times lower than BKK’s calculations.
PEI’s reported numbers were 13.86 times lower than BKK’s projections when compared to the 14 month period since the vaccine rollout.
Using this factor, Schilling calculated more than 400,000 serious AEs and over 31,000 deaths from AEs have occurred since the beginning of the vaccination campaign.

Statistician Matthew Crawford, who also reviewed Schofbeck’s claims, calculated that with potentially 31,000 vaccine-related deaths in Germany — a country of 82 million — it follows that 120,000 vaccine-related deaths may have occurred in the US.

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