Challenging Vaccination Policies at Work

From the UK Freedom Project

If you are faced with loss of employment, change of duties or are being treated differently as a result of your choice not to have a covid-19 vaccine, then the law is on your side.

We have collaborated with a solicitor to put together a letter that you can send to your immediate line manager (and your HR department and employer) that states your position, your rights and the law.

It is important that all employees take a stand. Employers will only get away with this if employees cave in and either accept changes to their employment or leave of their own volition to find alternative work.

As well as the letter, we have compiled a set of explanatory notes to give to your employer, so that they (and you) fully understand the various pieces of domestic and international legislation that their actions and attitudes are breaching.

Download a template letter and explantory notes:

For more template letters click here: