Charge Mainstream Media with Crimes Against Humanity

A petition started by Wendee Tovani

Mainstream media is completely out of control. All over the world. They twist and spin the reality of daily events to suit their Master’s agenda.

Examples are endless, but here are three:

The worldwide rallies to support the healthcare workers and nurses being fired for not accepting the jab. These were twisted and portrayed into being against them. There was no violence. Ambulances were not prevented from driving down the streets. There are many videos of these events that prove this.

Horgan’s dinner in Vernon BC, breaking his own lockdown rules and the blatant lies told the next day on Global News to cover it up.

The concerned parents asking questions at “pop-up” clinics at schools. Parents went to learn how these people would be getting informed consent from children as young as 12 years old. What would they be asking/telling them? This turned into “protesters storm schools!” on mainstream media (MSM). Parents asking questions to strangers about what they are doing to their kids is not threatening to anyone. Strangers popping up in the parking lots of schools with syringes is very concerning. These pop-up people were unwilling to give any information and were being hostile and secretive. The people that went, videoed the whole thing. They were calm, respectful and outside!

These are just three of the recent events, two being local to the North Okanagan, that have been distorted by Global News and other MSM to be something they weren’t. These are not huge in comparison to the Big Lie that is happening everywhere in the world, they are small pieces of the bigger more terrifying picture. But they are easily provable.

I believe that the majority of citizens can recognize the deceit that is being spread by the government’s propaganda puppets (MSM). How do we stop this and hold them accountable? They are as complicit in forcing this tyranny on us as the perpetrators. Many people still trust what they are told by their news anchors. They believe the government cares for them, the news would not lie to them nor would Big Pharma want to make and keep them sick.

Well, I am sick! Sick and tired of being lied to, coerced, bribed, and now threatened by the Crime Minister, the Public Health Officials and all of their peons, through their employees, the mainstream media.

The government’s goal is to vaccinate each and every one of us, including the children, with no exception. Their tactics are getting more and more desperate and dangerous to our freedom.

Australia and other countries are experiencing even more extreme measures of control than we are, at the moment. We, in Canada, are next if we can’t stop the fear and panic being fed to us daily by the mainstream media.

Please sign this and send it around the world!

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