Children Killed by the Covid ‘Vaccine’

Covid Vaccine Deaths of Children Reported to VAERS
Is there a stopping condition?

By Joel Smalley

In the US states alone, there have been 45 reports of children dying after receiving the covid “vaccine” up to July 2022.

27 of these children (60%) were perfectly healthy beforehand.

It seems to me that three of the children who died took part in the clinical trials or a sponsored program by the manufacturer(s) where the expectation is that the report should go directly to them and for them to act appropriately on it.

In the past, any vaccine (proper ones) would have been pulled after 25 to 50 deaths of people of all ages, let alone children, let alone three during the clinical trials / sponsored programs.

The regulatory agencies and “vaccine” manufacturers have consistently denied causality.

Nevertheless, the temporal proximity of symptoms onset to “vaccination” date alone, for the majority of reports, indicates causality.

It is also possible that many other deaths were not reported if they did not occur close to the “vaccination” date.

In addition, the majority of the causes of death are blood-clotting and cardiac-related.

Temporal proximity and consistency are two of the key Bradford Hill criteria to establish causality.

So, what is the stopping condition for this, the most deadly therapeutic ever released on mankind?

Why are parents even letting their children have it given that the risk of death from covid for a healthy child is near enough zero?

In addition to the deaths, there were 1,892 other reports of serious adverse events:

  1. admission to Emergency Room
  2. hospitalisation
  3. permanent disability
  4. birth defects
  5. life-threatening events.


If you are a parent, would you want your child to be one of the reports below or do you not abdicate your parental responsibility to protect your child to the public health authorities and regulators?

Having read these reports, as an “ordinary person” or an expert, how appropriate do you think it is that any of these children were subjected to this experiment?

Do you believe the experimental mRNA therapy could be responsible, like many of the parents or dismiss the possibility like many of the medical establishment?

Whatever your views on the above, what is the merit of withholding what should be headline stories from others?

There was no shortage of exaggerated tales of covid deaths in 2020. Where are the headlines of “vaccine”-related deaths since 2021?

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