Chris Whitty’s Excuse for Having Children Injected With Unnecessary and Dangerous Covid Jab

Chris Whitty ‘will approve Covid jabs for teenagers because it will boost their mental health and social development’ Daily Mail, 10th September.

Essay by Tom Penn

Unfortunately for us all, Chris Whitty is one of the original cadre of physicians-cum-politicians tasked with guiding us through the pandemic since SARS-CoV-2 somehow ‘washed up on our shores’ – on a floating Chinese laboratory; a slick of patents in its wake – in early 2020.

As Chief Medical Officer for England he is akin to somewhat of a GP to the nation, albeit one who appears to have been granted the power – in dismissing at will the safety guidance of both the JCVI and Public Health England – to diagnose by decree; newly-promoted it seems to the role of quack-cum-despot.

In Public Health England’s recently updated ‘Green Book’ of vaccines and vaccine guidance, chapter 14a, the Pfizer BioNTech offering ‘Cominarty’ is identified as the preferred vaccine for under 16s, due to it having the most extensive safety data in those aged 12-15 years. Yet also stated is that due to the ‘absence of safety and efficacy data‘ on it (Phase 3 clinical trials will complete sometime in 2023) the very same demographic are not even recommended for vaccination, ‘even if clinically extremely vulnerable.’ [1]

Ergo, Cominarty is still very much an experimental product in the research phase; a fact supported by statistics posted on the MHRA’s Yellow Card Reporting Scheme – a governmental organisation that collects and categorises reports on side effects to medicines, vaccines and medical devices. [2]

At the time of writing a total of 1,612 fatal reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines have been reported to the MHRA, alongside 1,178,069 mild to extreme adverse reactions and injury, with both the UK’s and the US’s reporting system (VAERS), well known to be representative of only 1 – 10% of all adverse events. They cannot therefore, under any circumstances be omitted from the discussion.

The JCVI’s concluding report on child vaccination, presented August 4th, identifies that: ‘between February 2020 and March 2021 inclusive, fewer than 30 persons aged less than 18 years died because of COVID-19, corresponding to a mortality rate of 2 deaths per million.’ [3]

They neglect to mention the more detailed findings of the non-peer-reviewed study referenced, which showed that all but 6 of these 25 children and young people (CYP) had one or more chronic or life-limiting comorbidities, that proved ultimately the main risk factor in their deaths.

The remaining 6 CYP with no underlying health conditions could not be proven beyond all reasonable doubt to have died from Covid-19 exclusively, as their hospital data was available for the last 5 years only, and by the study’s own admission, they may have had a comorbidity that could not be identified. [4]

6 inconclusive cases out of 25, in scientific terms essentially equates to zero healthy children having died of Covid-19 within the specified timeframe.

By way of comparison, there were 158 recorded suicides in the age group 10-19 in England in 2020, according to the Office for National Statistic’s provisional figures to be finalised late this year. [5]

The JCVI also concluded in their report that:

Delivery of a COVID-19 vaccine programme for children and young people is likely to be disruptive to education in the short-term, particularly if school premises are used for vaccination.’

Why then, are the UK’s four Chief Medical Officers actively seeking to precipitate the very educational disruption they purport in-part to be averting, by vaccinating a demographic who simply do not require it; using a product unsafe for purpose?

The answer? Because the guidance provided them by the JCVI and PHE could not be easily spun to sustain the narrative of an ongoing counterfeit emergency, and so Pharmaceutical Pied Piper that he is, Whitty has simply invented a reason to override it – a reason we should all be deeply concerned about.

In announcing the go-ahead in order to boost children’s mental wellbeing and social-development only, he has in effect launched an offensive against all mutineering public health bodies by temporarily disabling them with an ethical riddle. And by the time said riddle has been pulled apart, the demographic it was designed to coerce will likely all have been jabbed.

This latest red-herring of his is thus, and would be fascinating were it not so sinister:

Is physical vaccination – against the psychological worry of a disease that poses no biological threat – acceptable medical practice?’

With his sweeping diagnosis of our children’s apparently universal state of anxiety and depression, Whitty is leading the nation down the most perilous path of all thus far, and our destination has suddenly now heaved into view – thought control.

He is manoeuvring us into submitting further to the rollout under the pretext of curing some opaque notion of unhappiness and worry that he himself has regardless helped instil within the national psyche, and that is being measured against an invisible, politically-motivated, unsubstantiated, sliding scale of clinically-unassessed mental wellbeing – a state happiness index.

With public opinion moulded by propaganda, and wellbeing politicised and thus open to clinical intervention, there remains only thought itself to domineer.

In essence, unable to market the vaccine to children, Whitty has simply altered the threat and rebranded the defence – Cominarty now publicly perceived as some sort of intramuscularly-administered antidepressant for adolescents – and in so doing has inadvertently admitted that the JCVI and PHE were correct: Covid-19 is of no significant risk to children.

Fewer than 5% of COVID-19 cases are amongst children and in general they appear to exhibit mild disease… and so COVID-19 vaccines are not routinely recommended for children and young people under 16 years of age ’, it clearly states in the Green Book – guidance updated on the 3rd September.

Think about just how far this latest pseudo-medical, Psyops-style approach to ideological conformity may have the capacity to evolve in the coming years – months even – if you consider yourself as having been granted clearance to do so.