Come to London! March for Freedom – 24 April

Join the March for Freedom, and take a friend or family member with you. This is an opportunity to do something against the evil Agenda-21 that will enslave humanity.

Take part in the biggest UK march history might have ever seen. It’s for your basic freedoms, the future of your children and humanity as a whole. Together we are strong!

Join in the good fight! We protest peacefully, we don’t need violence, no provoking, we have the truth on our side, and that is our strength!

When: 24 April, 1pm

Where: Hyde Park, or join the march on Oxford Street

Update: Trains to King’s Cross should be back in service!

The world is watching us. See you there. SPREAD THE WORD.

Keep this day in your good thoughts and prayers!

Know your rights:

This short flyer is suitable for handing out on the streets or at protests (download and cut in four):

White Rose UK Short Flyer