Commonest Lies told by Climate Change Psychos

By Dr Vernon Coleman

The wild and reckless global warming fascists who claim that the world is getting hotter (or possibly colder) as a result of man’s activities tell a great many lies. The same lies are then repeated by politicians, journalists, half-crazy alarmists, campaigners, people who demonstrate and children who probably have difficulty with their two times table but who like to regard themselves as experts on meteorological eccentricities. Naturally, the hysterical fruitcakes who believe in climate change (like the idiots who promote the covid-19 vaccine) refuse to debate their beliefs.

Here are just a few of the most egregious lies which are told by this miserable band of lunatics:

  1. They claim that the climate has changed and is changing rapidly. What they don’t bother to mention is that the climate has always changed. It has changed for billions of years and will doubtless continue to do so. Although a good many lies are told there is no evidence that these changes have been exacerbated or accelerated by cows, motor cars or aeroplanes.
  2. They claim that the world is heading for a crisis. They have been forecasting this for decades. Every specific forecast has come and gone without anything happening. Claims that the sea is going to rise to dangerous levels are entirely fictitious and are nothing more than reckless, irresponsible scare mongering.
  3. No one knows just what damage carbon dioxide emissions may do or how relevant they are. The increase in the amount of carbon dioxide began before oil and gas were in wide use. Human beings themselves are natural producers of carbon dioxide and many of those promoting the climate change myth believe that the answer is to reduce the world’s population from around 8 billion down to 500 million.
  4. It is not true that all or even most climate scientists agree that climate change exists or is a threat. Most independent scientists agree that the media has wildly exaggerated the dangers. A recent paper reported that that just 0.3% of scientists agree that humans are causing climate change. The climate change psychos claim that 97% of scientists support their arguments but this is, quite simply, dangerous nonsense designed to promote a myth. The alleged climate change risks are merely assumptions based on guesses based on wishful thinking. Many of the scientists and writers who promote the climate change myth are receiving huge sums of money from activists, pressure groups and non-governmental organisations. There are hidden agendas behind the myth.
  5. Weather forecasters claim to know what the weather will be like in 50 years’ time. This is odd because they admit that forecasting a few weeks ahead is difficult and much of the time they seem to have trouble telling us what the weather will be like tomorrow.
  6. They claim that hurricanes and tornadoes are more frequent and stronger. The evidence shows that this is not true. There is absolutely no evidence that hurricanes or tornadoes are stronger or more common. Nor is there any evidence that snowstorms or floods are worse or less than they were decades ago. If there is more flooding of houses it is because houses are built on flood plains or that rivers are not properly dredged.
  7. They claim that wildfires are commoner and more destructive. This is palpably untrue. There are fewer serious wildfire events today than there were decades ago.
  8. They claim that sea levels are rising rapidly and are the cause of coastal erosion. These are lies. Coastal erosion is a common, historical problem and has nothing to do with sea levels. Sea levels have been unaffected by climate change. Modest changes in sea levels are normal and of little consequence.
  9. Wind turbines which are widely promoted as an alternative to coal, oil and gas are unreliable and therefore useless. They produce electricity intermittently (only when the wind blows) and they require so much energy to build and maintain that they are energy negative. The energy required to build and maintain the wind turbines comes from oil, gas and coal.
  10. Solar panels are also inefficient and unreliable. No electricity is produced by them when the sun is not out and this means that no electricity is produced at night. Solar panels require huge amounts of land and are remarkably inefficient. They require a good deal of energy to produce and install.


The myth of climate change is being promoted by a toxic mixture of rancid politicians, businessmen, celebrities and journalists – most of whom have a vested financial and political interest in selling their lies.

Most of those promoting the climate change myth are acting in their self-interest and not in the interest of the planet or the people. Indeed, their actions are directly opposed to the public good.

Everywhere you look the lies stand out.

The production of batteries to store electricity and the making of electric cars are a waste of time, money and energy and they require the building and running of massive mines in order to find and dig up the minerals required.

The evidence proves conclusively that electric cars are considerably more damaging to the planet than cars driven by internal combustion engines. The self-righteous bleatings of those promoting, making, selling and using electric cars would be pitiful if they were not so dangerous and damaging.

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