Complaint to ITV About Serious Misinformation

Here is a complaint written by a concerned reader because of serious and deliberate misinformation on the Lorraine Kelly show on ITV:

During an appearance on Lorraine Kelly’s show this morning, “television doctor” Hilary Jones placed great emphasis upon his claim that “90% of people in hospital are unvaccinated right now”. Ms Kelly repeated the 90% figure, hammering it in for the casual, uninformed viewers who most likely make up the vast majority of her audience.

However, Jones lied: the true figure, taken from the very latest government statistics, is only 35.5%. This was no accidental error, but a clearly prepared piece of misinformation aimed to mislead the general public. Whilst I might be persuaded to offer Ms Kelly the benefit of the doubt (although her eagerness to unquestioningly parrot her guest’s statement does cast doubt upon her own impartiality), Jones must have been fully aware of the truth: official statistics state 63.3% of UK hospitalisations are vaccinated, the opposite of his calculated fiction.

At the very least, a full retraction and apology should be given the same prominence on the next available episode. I would further suggest Jones be advised his “services” are no longer required, given his obvious inability to prioritise medical professionalism over personal propaganda.

I look forward to your reply.

Most sincerely

Steve Green, Journalist

Steve about himself: In my 40+ years as a journalist, there has never been a time when the public had a greater need to hear the truth about those in control of our lives. Sadly, most mainstream news outlets have either forgotten their duty to the truth, or consider it an inconvenient irrelevancy. It is up to those of us who refuse to follow suit, no matter how much our individual voices are drowned out by the majority, to hold the line.