Complaints to the BBC

A reader has written two complaints to the BBC about lack of coverage of 29/5/21 London protest and bias in reporting. Read his comments below.

If you’d like to write to the BBC yourself, here is the BBC complaint form:

Failure to report a major event 

You have no report at all about the anti lockdown protest in London on Saturday.
When XR protested in Trafalgar Square, there were masses (of misleading) coverage of what was actually a small protest (I was in London that day). Yet on Saturday (29th May) hundreds of thousands of people protested (enough to fill Whitehall and Oxford street and Notting Hill Gate); yet there is no mention at all.
You are supposed to represent a free and unbiased press. It is not acceptable for you to fail to even mention (i.e. censor mention of) one of the biggest demonstrations London has ever seen. I will be fascinated to hear your excuse. (And you wonder why the BBC is held in contempt by so many average Brits; or maybe you don’t even realise this.).

Gross bias by only reporting one side 

Your headline today is “Covid-19: Job not done despite vaccination success, scientist warns”.
You never quote anyone (in a headline or top of article) who says we should open or should have dealt with covid in a different way than lockdown.
Reporting only one side by only quoting “scientists” and “experts” who call for more lockdown and never quoting scientists and experts who question whether lockdown was and is the best approach is deliberate and flagrant bias and makes you in breach of your charter.

Gross bias via failure to contextualise

As ever, you give a total number of deaths within 28 days of a positive covid test and new deaths (1) without contextualising this a) with the total number of deaths from other causes on the same day; for your information it’s 1408
b) by stating that these people died WITH covid and not necessarily OF it.
Does the BBC have some vested interest in perpetuating fear of covid and lockdown? You should at least try to be impartial – it’s in your charter!