Covert Abuse During Covid

Meredith Miller is a holistic coach, author, and speaker. Here she talks with interviewer Margaret Anna Alice about abuse committed on the public during covid by government, media and cooperations.

Margaret Anna Alice:

When you turned your penetrating lens to COVID in 2020, what were the indicators that covert narcissistic abuse was occurring?

Meredith Miller:

The first red flag of narcissistic abuse in 2020 was the control of information, which is reality control. Gaslighting is the favorite tool of abusers. This is the distortion of the perception of reality to the point where the target feels like they’re going crazy or their memory doesn’t work. Abusers and tyrants try to make you believe you can’t trust your own eyes and ears. It’s covert when it’s hidden and disguised as good.

Since 2020, politicians, public officials, and other globalist personalities began shaping our reality around COVID to engineer a new reality, which they called the “New Normal.” The media and people in positions of power and influence have always spun their narrative of reality, but what started happening in 2020 was a whole other level of information control.

The craziest part about what’s happening now is humans aren’t the only source of the information control and gaslighting. We are also being gaslit by AI. Of course, the AI is programmed by humans. Actual people write the algorithms, and then the technology carries out the work—both disseminating information to us and harvesting information from us, which it later uses against us to influence our behavior. The AI is creating a perception of reality, yet it’s so hidden in the background most people don’t realize it’s happening.

Around March of 2020, social media sites immediately created new policies based on their novel truth doctrines in which they programmed the algorithm to delete, demonetize, shadow-ban, or flag with disclaimers anything that contradicted the narrative.

YouTube Monetization Threats Re: COVID

The platforms started pushing propaganda campaigns in the feed.

Instagram COVID Propaganda
YouTube COVID Propaganda

They have so much “confidence” in this project that the comments are turned off. Propaganda doesn’t like questions and comments.

Search engines became even more curated, pushing to the top the articles and sites that fit the globalist narrative, including smear campaigns against medications, treatments, and information they didn’t want people to have access to. It had been getting progressively more difficult to find certain information online before 2020, but after all things COVID began, it became nearly impossible without a direct link to a webpage.

Part of the information control that started in 2020 was the quick adoption—in nearly every country on the planet—of specific catch phrases and words such as “social distancing,” “asymptomatic transmission,” “quarantine,” “essential workers,” “essential shopping,” and “trusted sources”—all of which were translated into local languages.

Each of these terms was like a zip folder download of information that could trigger a certain state intended to induce a specific behavioral response. These are called “anchors” in hypnosis. Those phrases anchored the new perception into the human collective consciousness so we could be used as pawns to create that reality in the world. There was clearly a coordination by governments, corporations, and media around the world to deliver a homogenous narrative.

Shortly after the lockdowns began, a popular graphic design website called Canva began offering social media graphics with the approved messaging to be promoted by businesses and individuals online.

Canva COVID Propaganda

Nearly every email marketing or newsletter I opened in 2020—whether from corporate stores or other businesses—contained the same COVID messaging. It’s still being played on the loudspeakers of grocery stores, continually bombarding the subconscious of shoppers.

In the spring of 2020, some brave doctors started speaking up. They were instantly smeared. That trend has continued and worsened—to the point now where California (as well as some countries) recently passed legislation to persecute doctors who do not spread the approved public health messaging. When doctors are being censored during a pandemic, Houston, we have a problem!

The same thing started happening to the rest of us who tried to share information online or even question the information that didn’t make sense. We were told we should just leave the thinking to the experts. Since we aren’t doctors, we aren’t qualified to have an opinion, they said.

Of course, they didn’t mean we should listen to all doctors. They meant we should only listen to their approved list of trusted sources. This is similar to when an abusive partner tells the target they shouldn’t trust anyone else—like their friends or family or even their own discernment. The abuser might plant the idea in the target’s mind that other people aren’t trustworthy, therefore the target begins to turn to the abuser as the only source of trust and reality. This keeps a target of abuse from speaking to others about what’s happening or trying to confirm reality with a third party.

The information control is an integral part of the first parameter of the Stockholm syndrome, which is a survival mechanism also known as a trauma bond, traumatic entrapment, appeasement, or what I call a psychoneurospiritual state of captivity. That first parameter is isolation, which can be both physical and psychological.

Abused Woman Trapped in a Bubble

Physical isolation came in the form of social distancing; keeping six feet apart; staying home; wearing masks and face shields; the installation of plexiglass barriers; school closures; spreading fear of others as vectors of the virus; and the abuse of elders living in care homes as well as hospital patients, who were denied visitors and advocates. This physical isolation stops people from sharing information face-to-face in addition to causing many other harms well-known in neuroscience research before 2020.

The psychological isolation, however, is where the bulk of information control happens. For the con to work, the abuser must isolate the target from outside perspectives of reality.

The abuser spins a certain story and makes sure the target cannot be exposed to other perspectives. The target must be completely subscribed to the abuser’s narrative.

In one of the globalists’ dress rehearsals—Event 201 in October 2019—they had planned to “flood the zone” with approved information to control the narrative, which, of course, they claimed was for our good. We were suddenly bombarded nonstop with the repetitive messaging of their narrative beginning in early 2020.

At that time, most people were physically isolated at home. The information delivery came primarily through our personal technology devices (smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs) and the media, including social media, where people disseminated the narrative by proxy and the algorithms worked to suppress outside information. While the technology often gives the perception of making all of us more connected, it’s also being used to psychologically isolate people in a particular perception of reality. The information control produces the psychological isolation.

There has been an unprecedented amount of censorship, propaganda, and smearing of any alternative information. Derogatory terms (e.g., “conspiracy theorist,” “right-wing extremist,” “selfish”) were used to shame and intimidate people into self-censorship, silence, and compliance.

Ad hominem attacks were used to discredit brave people speaking out against the narrative. If the individual is discredited, the information the individual shared can be dismissed or discarded without actually having to address it. Algorithms were programmed to target and hide certain topics, individuals, and organizations so that information didn’t spread. This is how the globalists—and their AI—formed and maintained a specific narrative or perception of reality.

Ad hominem attacks were used to discredit brave people speaking out against the narrative. If the individual is discredited, the information the individual shared can be dismissed or discarded without actually having to address it.

After a short period of time, most people became completely subscribed to the narrative, and even now, a lot of them still aren’t looking for outside perspectives. While it’s not as easy as opening a news app or a mainstream social media site, there are still ways of seeking outside perspectives and information.

However, it’s also clear the globalists are continuing to augment their information control tactics to make it increasingly difficult to find information outside their approved sources. They are desperate to control people’s perception of reality to keep the con going because our participation is required.

This is part of  a lengthy dialogue, sent to us by Margaret Anna Alice. You can read the entire dialogue here.