Covid-19 Vaccines – What Every GP and Medical Practitioner Should Know

When a government tells its people, in the middle of a “health crisis”, to act as though they are sick, and the people are expected to (and do) follow these instructions, then something is seriously wrong with that society.


In the following is a thorough message to medical practitioners (you can download the full report below):

“Having exhausted all avenues available by directly contacting our MPs and members of the House of Lords for action (attached), I am now turning my attention to our medical practitioners to make some sense of this madness.

As GPs, with whom the public has always had a special relationship of trust and confidence regardless of their political stance and without interference from the government, you are now in the most unenviable and unfair position of being responsible for delivery of a new vaccine declared “safe” for delivery by emergency order of the government. At the same time, you are in an enviable position of having the power and responsibility to correct the narrative.

While you have been fully occupied with following government guidelines and orders over the coronavirus emergency, my colleagues and I and many others have been extremely busy vigorously researching the matter over the last 10 months. It has become abundantly clear that our Medical Practitioners have been consistently (and continue to be) misled (perhaps not intentionally) by the government.

Physicians will be fully aware of the Hippocratic Oath of “do no Harm”, as would be the nurses of the Royal College of Nursing Code ethics. However, it now seems that our government has succeeded in putting a chasm between the GPs and medical professionals and their patients without either party being conscious of this. I/We urge you to please consider the following before making delivery of any vaccine.”

Please read and download the full message here: Message to Practitioners