Covid Jab: What Is Informed Consent? A Checklist from the Freedom Alliance – Please Share!

Written by Adrian John Oliver, Freedom Alliance

The Government, NHS and media companies have been programming the UK public with propaganda that vaccines are safe and effecitve while censoring and suppressing news of vaccine deaths and injuries and alternative treatments and the true nature and scale of the viral threat. However, by law, clinicians administering any medical test or intervention, must obtain prior informed consent. They must inform patients about the benefits and risks of the test or intervention in advance. The Supreme Court has also stated that any alternative treatments must be discussed and time must be given for consideration of the information and making a decision. To proceed without informed consent is considered a criminal offence, called battery. If the patient is injured or dies, more appropriate charges could be GBH [grievous bodily harm] or manslaughter. (…)

If you have already had one or two COVID-19 vaccines, check the list to see if you were provided with both the necessary information, and then given time to consider it, and therefore given the opportunity for informed consent. If you were not, and you are in the UK, you are a victim of a crime and should report the crime to your local police by phone using 101.

1) COVID19 was downgraded from a highly infectious disease on 19 March 2020.

2) There has been no pandemic. The death rate in 2020 was only the 9th worse since 2000, so in eight years since 2000, the death rate was higher than in 2020. This has been reported in various bulletins of UK Column News.

3) There are alternative treatment options for COVID-19. There are effective treatment protocols and prevention protocols, with no significant side effects, and there have been since before the first lockdown. See for the Zalenko Protocol.

4) Recipients are being told that the ‘vaccines’ are safe, and that any side effects are likely to be temporary and mild. This has been a lie from the start, as the vaccines are new, so the long-term consequences of receiving the vaccines, in terms of death and survival rates and rates of complications, was unknowable. However, since the vaccine rollout began there have been over 920,000 adverse reactions in the UK alone, with over 1,200 deaths. There have been many life altering injuries, including paralysis, blindness, deafness, blood clots and strokes and well as miscarriages and still births. Clinicians would need to be providing up to date information on the adverse reactions, the numbers, duration and the scope, or variety, of side effects. The UK Column News has created a searchable database form the weekly data realeses: COVID-19 Yellow Card Data UKColumn

5) The ‘vaccines’ have not been fully tested and approved or licensed by MHRA. They have been offered through emergency use exceptions, after some limited prior testing. Recipients of the vaccines are therefore being experimented on. They are part of phase 3 clinical trials and recipients of these ‘vaccines’ must therefore give express consent to be experimented on, failure to do so would be a breach of the Nuremburg Code: – “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision”. Coercion is subtle, but it is known that many people have agreed to have the ‘vaccination’ because they believe it will allow them to go on holiday or return to normal.

6) Dr Sherri Tenpenny, who has done over 40,000 hours of research into vaccines and their effects, details twenty different mechanisms by which these ‘vaccines’ may kill recipients: e636ccf0-a723-4113-b414-eec1f1aa03b0.pdf ( and breifly describes some of them in this interview clip:

7) Doctors, including Dr Sherri Tenpenny, have detailed the mechanism by which these ‘vaccines’ will likely cause sterility in most of the recipients, with the mother’s body rejecting the placenta. There have been many miscarriages and stillbirths in ‘vaccine’ recipients. For latest figures, search the data at COVID-19 Yellow Card Data UK Column

8) ‘Vaccine’ recipients may pose a risk to poeple around them through transfer of spike proteins: IDENTIFYING POST-VACCINATION COMPLICATIONS & THEIR CAUSES: AN ANALYSIS OF COVID-19 PATIENT DATA – America’s Frontline Doctors (

9) Immediately after the start of the ‘vaccination’ rollout in care homes in Dec 2020, multiple outbreaks of COVID19 in care homes across the country were reported in various local news media. Many of these care homes had never had any previous cases of COVID19. See UK Column News bulletin from 01 February
It seems apparent that the vaccinations were the cause of these outbreaks and the deaths and injuries that occurred. According to the Office of National Statistics there was a fourfold increase in deaths in the elderly in January 2021 compared to previous years, immediately post ‘vaccine’ rollout and when deaths from Covid-19, in general, had started to decline before Christmas.

10) The ‘vaccinations’ are not vaccinations as commonly understood, and they do not stop you contracting COVID-19, or passing it on to others:  They ‘might’ reduce the severity of COVID-19 symptoms.

11) That the mRNA ‘vaccinations’, where offered, are not in fact vaccinations, but irreversible genetic modification procedures; and exactly what that manipulation to DNA is and the consequences of the permanent change, if known.

12) The ingredients of the ‘vaccination’ offered and the known side effects of problematic ingredients for example, Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), which is in the Biontech Pfizer ‘vaccine’ and mentioning those ingredients that some will have ethical or religious objections to – the ‘vaccines’ all used foetal cell lines in their development although they claim that these were not from recent abortions:

The attached article goes into great detail about how the trials were conducted. It is interesting to note that the ‘control’ group were not given an inert substance but, instead, were given a meningococcal vaccine, the side effects of which are already known but potentially broadly similar to those expected in the new ‘vaccine’. This is fraud. Unlike normal trials for medicines, vaccines do not undergo double-blind trials with a true control group:
Also, no trials have been separately carried out to test the safety of the new combinations of chemicals or the safety of the chemicals in the ‘vaccines’ once combined with other medication that recipients may already be taking – the recipients in the wider public are the trial.

13) That the Nobel Prize for medicine was awarded in 1933 for the study of anaphylaxis following injections of a toxin or foreign protein. It was found that after an adjustment period of about three weeks, injecting even tiny amounts of the same toxin or foreign protein causes anaphylaxis. The initial trials were done with a three-week interval, but our Government subsequently, significantly extended the interval between first and second doses.

14) The claimed general efficaciousness of ‘vaccines’ is bogus and the safety claims of vaccinations is false and fraudulent. Good sources of data on this can be found at and the comprehensive documentary series


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