Covid-Negative Teens Escape Quarantine Camp

Three teenagers escaped the Howard Springs quarantine camp in the Northern Territory of Australia at 4:30 am on Wednesday morning by climbing the fences around the facility. The Northern Territory police immediately launched a massive manhunt, setting up checkpoints on all roads leaving the area.

The three boys aged 15, 16 and 17, are from an aboriginal community called Binjari where they were placed into the camp after being marked as close contacts of “covid” positive cases in the area. All three had tested negative for Covid the day before they broke out, yet police were still determined to find them.

The three teens apparently timed their escape by waiting for guard patrols to pass before climbing the fence and crossing the containment road outside the facility. However, they were tracked on CCTV, and descriptions were immediately sent to officers who alerted the public.

Masked officers stopped citizens at checkpoints and searched their vehicles for the runaway teens who were eventually captured and arrested.

Northern Territory Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker suggested that the reason behind the escape was “the isolation”. He said “I would hasten to add the reality is that these are young people, to move from remote communities where overcrowding is very present to being placed in a single room and the isolation that that may feel”.

Nevertheless, the boys will “ultimately face a sanction” for their behaviour as breaking quarantine carries a $5000 fine. Chalker stated that otherwise, there have been “overwhelming levels of compliance”. Now they may have to stay at the quarantine even longer. (Read the full article here:

Remember, these aren’t criminals, just youngsters who want their freedom back. Now they are being punished for escaping from the prison/deprogramming concentration camp.