‘Covid Restrictions Forever’ How Evil Can You Get…?

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with Wednesday’s UK Column News.

Topics in the video:

  • Variants Everywhere
  • Ivermectin Trials
  • Perpetual Lockdowns In A Zero COVID World
  • Hospital Pressure But Not From COVID
  • Media Changes Its Tune On Vaccine Harms
  • Stand Up UK March London
  • PCR Testing And The Genome Beast
  • UKC Viewer Email Notes Hancock’s Threat To Withold Healthcare From The Unvaccinated
  • Presenting The Evidence To the Police
  • Is Sky ISP Blocking UK Column?
  • Advertising Standards Authority Amazing Power Of Deduction
  • BBC Reveals It Can Be Trusted With Counterintuitive Propaganda
  • Inflation Conflation And Full Bore FT Propaganda
  • Fantastic Economic News for The Rich
  • The Guardian’s Fantasy Island
  • David Davis’ Opposition To Online Safety
  • Dr Peter Kuit and Jade Kuit testimony to Reiner Fuellmich Hearing
  • OBON Youth
  • Fake Ships On Fake Missions

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