Covid Truths – Revealing Message From Health Care Professional

Exposing the truth about Covid 19 by following the science

By Ivan Fraser

Representing the views of an increasing number of scientists and doctors around the world who have studied the phenomenon since the outset and have an opposing view of the origins of the virus, the wisdom of the handling of the pandemic, and the safety of the vaccines.

I am a UK-based healthcare worker with many years’ experience, with a wide interest in both conventional and complementary approaches to health. I choose to be anonymous because I believe that whistleblowing this subject may lead to serious consequences for myself and hence my family’s wellbeing.

I also believe in freedom of information, freedom of choice and open debate. I am against censorship and state imposition of propaganda. I am against lying to the people and malfeasance within the health care industry.

I am not important to this message. (I will tell you when I present my own opinion). I present only facts, based upon the readily available reliable research in this field; and most importantly, the current consensus of tens of thousands of doctors and scientists around the world, including some of the most eminent scientists in the field of virology, molecular biology, immunology, respiratory science, cardiology, vaccine development, pandemic response, pharmaceutical development, medicines authorization and control etc.

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