Covid Vaccine Passport: Write to Your MP

A reader wrote:

If we are going to have a chance of Parliament rejecting the oppressive policy of vaccine passports, do we not need to be encouraging and helping everyone to write to their respective MPs?

With this in mind, please find and use as you see fit an editable copy of the letter I have recently written to my local MP, with names deleted, to make it generic, on the following domain that I’ve just rented for the purpose of making this freely available to all:

I hope you will make use of this by providing it, or an edited version of it if you like, to all your followers and subscribers and website visitors – for their use as a basis or input for writing to their own MPs on this dreadful issue.

Thanks for your good work, and best wishes for success.

You can download the template letter here:

Letter to MP (doc)
Letter to MP (pdf)

More links for contacting your MP