Covid Was Just the Beginning: Climate Lockdowns Are the Next Stage of the Great Reset Agenda

Pro-freedom activist and author Marc Morano explains how covid lockdowns were a mere precursor to the climate lockdowns now being discussed by our elites. Morano also suggests practical ways to fight the ongoing implementation of the Great Reset agenda.

Today’s guest on The John-Henry Westen Show is a fun one. His mouth moves a mile a minute, yet his words are packed with insight and wisdom.

Marc Morano is an author who specializes in debunking the false narratives of the “climate change” agenda and condemning its totalitarian impulses. Morano recently published a book titled The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown, and in today’s episode he shares evidence of the coming climate lockdowns and how they’re logically connected to the covid lockdowns of 2020.

“The covid lockdowns were literally a version of what they’ve called for for decades in the climate movement,” he says. “I attend every United Nations climate summit, and I’m going to the one in Egypt this year … and what these summits call for … is the ‘degrowth movement,’ or ‘planned recessions’ … to fight global warming. And what that means is the government imposes slower economic growth or forces a recession to lower emissions.”

(John-Henry Westen/Lifesitenews/Rumble)

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