Crime Report Concerning AstraZeneca “Vaccine”

A reader has sent us copies of a crime report and letters to his clinic for publishing here. In his letters below he points out the dangers and crimes that are being committed while patients are pressed to take the AstraZeneca “vaccine”. (Highlights in bold added by TWR.)

Letter to the police

Dear Commander Aitkin or whosoever is left standing and responsible for the peace, law and order in Greenwich – this is to confirm the notice sent in the post:

I enclose a crime report concerning crimes of deception, fraud, potential grievous bodily and psychological harm and homicide being committed at the Clover Clinic on General Gordon Sq Woolwich. I enclose compelling evidence that the AstraZeneca drug being promoted there by the doctors and pharmacists and administered by NHS operatives is a poison and lethal injection and is doing untold harm to innocent patients being deceived into receiving it. The doctors, admin staff and pharmacists have been notified of the facts – but are understandably in a state of shock and require your assistance – they have been deceived as well into participation with the attempted genocide.

Faithfully (…)

PS – Please be aware that I have lodged with lawyers and human rights representatives the crime reports placed with you before. When the time comes for a Nuremberg like process to commence in London – it may be that the evidence I have collected and the reports I have submitted could make Greenwich a test case of revelation of the crimes against humanity committed by all sections of the Greenwich Authorities including the MET.

Letters to the Clinic

Dear doctors and manager

I am registered at this practice. I am in vulnerable health and have been pressed to receive the Covid 19 “vaccine”. Yesterday I checked the information sheet for the AstraZeneca drug. I was told by the pharmacist that it would tell me everything necessary. I read it. It is in the public domain that serious concerns have been raised about blood clotting incidents associated with the vaccination. There is no mention on the side effect table. I went to the Government website which informs about adverse reaction reports. I enclose the summary I made of the likely harms caused by the drug. I did the same for the Pfizer Covid drug.

On my health record there is a history of respiratory infections and some psychiatric disorder. You must have many patients with similar profiles. I notice that with regard to the AstraZeneca drug so far there have been recorded more than 14,000 respiratory adverse reactions. Can you assure me taking the vaccine would not categorically produce a worsening of my emphysema/ sinusitis conditions? Do you recommend truly that I receive the vaccination? Would anyone like to underwrite the vaccination and compensate me for the risk in taking the medicine? I have a notice in my health record of paranoic states. Personally I believe the diagnosis is mistaken, and I am just highly strung and unusually attentive. But never mind – the record indicates a history of paranoia. Within the AstraZeneca record are tabulated 9,124 psychiatric disorder yellow cards including provocation of paranoia. Can it be safe for me to take a medicine with such high incidence of mental health destruction?

On Tuesday I left a note for Dr George – “I spoke to you yesterday about the Covid vaccine and the clinic’s advice I take it. I got information. I enclose the AstraZeneca vaccine insert from the pharmacy and a summary of the analysis print out on the Government website detailing yellow cards. The insert appears to be inaccurate or incomplete and could be deemed deceptive and fraudulent. Could you discuss with colleagues what can be done to protect patients – to ensure informed consent? As things stand your practice is breaking the law. It appears to be breaching the Nuremberg Code. The reason none of the likely evil effects is specified in the blurb is because the drug is still on trial until 2022. All patients taking it are effectively guinea pigs. There is risk of at least criminal deception and complicity in grievous bodily harms or grievous psychological destruction.”

Can you inform me what steps you are taking to properly inform patients of the evident risk to their health and lives?

Can you assure me your practice is keeping watch on the aftermath of the vaccinations to recognize any reactions occurring after five days, five weeks or five months? Are the doctors aware that adverse vaccine effects can be even years down the line? It is well known for example that the SWINE FLU jab was found after four years to have caused a serious life-destroying neurological condition called narcolepsy?

Would be the right and proper thing to do – to halt the vaccinations until accurate information is available and the insert brought up to date?

Sincerely (…)

Dear doctors, practice manager and pharmacists

On Friday 23 April I did present to you evidence of harms – very grievous harms – from the AstraZeneca drug being administered at the clinic with the participation of the pharmacist below. There is no doubt according to the Government’s own analysis and report that the drug is killing patients, blinding and making deaf quite large numbers, provoking, for example, diabetes, Guillaine-Barre syndrome, heart attacks, stokes and all manner of psychiatric disturbances.

On the 23rd I asked three questions of you to provide reassurance to me and to the community that you are acting lawfully and in accordance with your professional obligations – to serve and do no harm. There is no doubt that the AstraZeneca treatment being provided at the clinic contravenes the principles of the Nuremberg Code which Britain is committed to upholding. I enclose copies of both the code and the Bioethics convention of UNESCO. Please consider what you are doing – and cease your involvement with the vaccine programme until law and order is recovered and there can be certainty that any “vaccine” being promoted is truly safe and effective.
I enclose a copy of the crime report I have submitted to the police today.

Faithfully (…)

Criminal Report

The Clover Clinic and pharmacy encourage me to take the AstraZeneca vaccination. They have misled me as to its safety status and sought my consent to the treatment on false pretences. I have a right to know what the risks are in receiving a medicine especially when large numbers of deaths, maiming and mental health destruction are resulting from the medication.

I wish to make a criminal complaint of  seeking to endanger my health and life (and everyone else’s who enters the clinic) through deception and from violation of the Nuremberg Code where experimentation on people is disallowed. I believe they are responsible through wilful negligence for the harm and potential loss of health described above.
As a victim of crime I want to provide a statement of complaint and include the above “Victim Personal Statement.” I make this complaint of my own volition and confirm it is not frivolous or vexatious.
I enclose evidence of deception and summary of the dreadful injuries and deaths being perpetrated by the NHS. I enclose the notices to the doctors and the pharmacists at General Gordon Sq entrance.
You can contact me by email, telephone or in writing, and please provide me with my crime number, incident/log number, the name/collar ID number and police station of the investigating officer.
The evidence of deception and account of the matter is being submitted to Plumstead Station