Crime Report Concerning Vaccine Event at Greenwich Park

To: Southwark Police
C/O Inspector Leech ( and Inspector Satchell)
323 Borough High St, London, SE1 1JL

Dear Chief Inspector Leech,
I spoke to you yesterday – 17th of July. I informed you according to public duty of possible serious crimes being committed by London Authorities – of deception, wilful and criminal negligence, fraud and terrorism. I handed you evidence of deception by Greenwich and Bexley councils in hiding vital information from the public so as to maintain a state of emergency and terror when these are not justified. I work in Southwark and I have a right and a duty to communicate with the Police as a man to a man. You are under oath to respect and serve me and to act on notice of crime. This is to inform you of your misdemeanour and an Inspector Satchell’s of your company whom I also spoke to. He rejected as you did the evidence of potential serious crime and walked away from his duty and his oath and into the condition of a stuffed dummy in a fancy uniform without dignity, without sense, without virtue without any use.

I enclose the evidence you rejected and hereby instruct you as a man under oath to guard my human rights and the rights of everyone in Southwark to corroborate the evidence of deception (prima facie) that there is no epidemic, no medical emergency and no need for any more lunatic measures of compulsory vaccination, mask-wearing, lockdown or social isolation torture with deprivation of rights to life, to livelihood, to liberty, to freedom of speech and assembly. I instruct you immediately to contact Southwark council and obtain from them the number of deaths as recorded in burial and crematoria l data for year 2021 and years preceding so to establish whether the situation in Southwark is the same as in Greenwich and Bexley. If there is corroboration I further instruct you to require the Council to desist from misinforming and deceiving the public – to desist from criminal negligence and from all conspiracy against the Peace, Law and Order; from all evil and insanity and be active in establishing the truth. And rescuing the People from manifest anarchy.

I have a right to give you instruction, and you have a duty to hear and obey so help you God. At present my right to life and livelihood is being destroyed by the evil and insane actions of Southwark Council. In addition, as I explained I have a legitimate fear that my children’s lives and futures are being threatened by the said evil and insanity; that they are being menaced by blackmail to receive lethal or stealth weapon injections.

What is being said of the police on the basis of its wilful blindness to obvious crimes is that senior officers like yourself are corrupted by masonic or other secret affiliations; that you are in conspiracy to wreck and destroy the life of England economic, cultural and the whole social life; that you are being controlled by devilry and blackmail to serve not the People but aliens and aggressors; that you lick the arse of big bankers and other oligarchs; that you are communists or their minions and want to convert England into a province of China or global totalitarian big-brother state ; that all of you are black-hearted rogues guilty of sedition, unspeakable murders, treason and all of you deserve capital uncommuted punishment as the most vile and despicable cowards and blood thirsty felons ever to have polluted this beautiful Earth and this sacred Isle of the West.

Paul Ursell