Crime Report on Vaccine Assault

Commandant Bulldog

or whosoever is left standing and competent at the station responsible for the Peace, Law and Order in Little Blighty and South East Lilliput: you will be aware that an assembly of the People testified yesterday at your headquarters. Serious crime reports were delivered or registered. Sergeant Schwarz was presented with incontrovertible evidence of fraud, deception, fiendish misdemeanour and the most heinous crimes; the urgent response of the station was sought and immediate interview in the light of emergency. It was difficult to properly converse with the sergeant because he refused to remove – despite instruction to do so – his face nappy. It was very painful to me because he was wearing a mask which is known to contain a carcinogen and cause lung cancers. He was bound to be suffering through breathing restriction from hypoxia, brain oxygen level deficiency and consequently impaired mental acuity or “being with-it” – hence gross impairment of his ability to understand anything. The sergeant stated he knew nothing of the matter (which was our of courtesy on our part, forewarned to you). He maintained no one was available to deal with evidence of fraud, deception, homicide, half murder, physical and psychological assault and terrorism. I told him I was prepared to wait all day for a response. It was plain, however, nothing would happen soon.

Part of our assembly then went to the vaccine mobile unit on Bunten High St to witness what was going on there and make inquiries as a matter of public duty. I asked one of the masked ladies who was soliciting for the drug product being offered whether she knew of the Nuremberg Code. She replied that she was unable to answer any question. She transpired that all the solicitors were either volunteers or hirelings with no medical qualification to involve people in a drug experiment. No one was available at the site with qualifications and respond to reasonable questions. What she said and what others said when pressed for knowledge of the code and the experimental nature of the medicine – signified an immediate violation of sections 1 and section 8 of the code, instituted to protect mankind from repetition of Nazism. I asked for the “vaccine” package inserts. The AstraZeneca insert was not available for perusal. The Pfizer document I found later was incomplete and therefore invalid for its supposed informative purpose. It contained 2 appalling frauds – the side effect table was grossly deceptive and the ingredient list also almost certainly incomplete. No one could give informed consent to such a corrupt offer.

Informed consent was rendered impossible by reason of deception and general criminal negligence at the experimentation site. I was able to locate the official in charge of the facility. I showed to her the Nuremberg Code and began reading section 1 in order to make her sensible of her criminal position. The lady fled and refused to accept instruction to desist from heinous practice against the inviolable sanctity of Man. There was unpleasantness and misunderstanding and some disturbance as we were making these inquiries. The soliciting squad did not understand what we were doing, its lawful reason and purpose or were in any way cognizant or sensible of their false pretences and violation of the Law – both Common Law and Human Rights Treaties. At this point we would have been justified in calling the Police; but reasoned that the comprehension of the Police and professional competence to stop the crimes being committed and arrest the offenders – could only be doubted. The name of the official in charge of the Deptford facility was Angelica Pears. I informed her that I would be reporting her to the Police. The registration of the van was NZ666. The signage on it indicated THE SOUTH LILLIPUT CCG – LITTLE BLIGHTY as the body responsible for what was happening. The names of the Board members are advertised at the corporation web address- – Angelica is an underling of these. She follows the orders dictated to her by these.

I returned to Little Blighty Station. I went to the counter available. I notified the reception that I was prepared to wait all day for an interview. I explained what had happened at Bunten Platz and my public duty to report the crimes being committed by Frau Pears and her squad. I showed evidence of deception. I also informed of an urgent need to investigate the covid test kits on the basis of evidence available of contamination. I waited 5 hours. At 6, I went to the ladies and told them I was prepared to go on waiting for a competent policeman. They told me none was available, and I would not be seen today and until the police decided whether to see me.

I then sat down and wrote out a first crime report concerning the sickening and odious events in Bunten. I included the Pfizer sheet x marking the deceptions. I attached both the Nuremberg Code and the UNESCO Bioethics Convention and marked the violations of these international law treaties binding at least on the conscience of everyone – policeman or citizen or doctor or nurse – who hopes to remain human. I also presented a Covid swab kit with notice of evidence from independent scientists that the swabs are contaminated with toxic nano-particles. I instructed the Police to conduct urgent forensic examination to verify the fact or obtain reassurance the medical product is safe. On the package, we are told it contains ethylene oxide – a known carcinogen. If the Police were not brain-dead from hypoxia, regime propaganda or inhibited by cowardice and institutional drudgery and thraldom – it should be obvious immediately that this medical intervention cannot be safe and also involves through the coercion being applied violation of human dignity, the Common Law and the international instruments mentioned above.

Great Lilliput that once prided itself on being law-abiding and leader of the nations in respect for the Rule of Law; Lilliput that boasted no one – be they ever so high – was above the Law and its reach – that Great Lilliput is dead. This new Lilliput is degenerated into a house of morons, cowards, fraudsters, wage slaves, rodents inside fancy costumes and at the top money-bags, blackmailers, psychopaths, aliens and blood guzzling paedophiles and Satanists It is being converted into a province of Nazism. The CCG is possessed by the spirit of Nazism. The Bulldog Police the same. Tweedledum, Tweedledee and Tweedlesick Council the same. Heil Johnson . Heil Khan. Heil Thorpe. Heil Bulldog. Heil Satan.

Paul Ursell