Vaccine Site Crime Report – Greenwich Police, Lewisham Station


Crime References 6029679/21 + Greenwich Police ref 3615315/21

Commander Aitkin or whosoever is now standing responsible for the Peace in Greenwich:

On Saturday 15th about 4PM a group of conscientious people representing the community visited the Clover vaccine centre on General Gordon Sq. We delivered to the chemists who appeared to be in charge of the site a Cease and Desist Notice. They were provided with evidence of grievous harms being caused to patients by both the Pfizer and AstraZeneca supposed “vaccines” being administered at the site.

They also received Government sourced references indicating that there is no evidence of an epidemic in Greenwich or anywhere else in England and Wales; and that the Government itself has designated Covid 19 non-significant. That is to say, there is no justification for the panic induced vaccination of the whole population with an experimental drug causing already horrific injuries. Unfortunately there was no one available to discuss with us in detail our legitimate concerns.

The fact that no qualified and knowledgeable health professional was present to advise and inform patients is in itself a breach of the Nuremberg Code and quashes any claim that informed consent and genuine free choice was available on site. The chemists refused to engage with us. A Sikh gentleman with responsibility for the volunteers serving as patient reception did speak to us in a respectful way. He accepted our grounds for being there and our right to submit evidence. It is your duty to reassure him and the volunteer team who must have been alarmed by what happened that all is well and they are not in ignorance parties to grievous bodily harms or even potential homicides.

The chemists called the Police in their confusion and a Constable Clarke and Constable Lockyer (1636) both from Bexleyheath station arrived eventually and studied the documents served on the vaccination operatives. They were on the phone for a long period and we assume they received instruction from superiors. When they spoke to us, it was immediately obvious they had not understood the seriousness of the situation. They had not understood the justice behind the Notice or the evidence provided in support of it. They were for some reason incapable of comprehending the implications of FOI 52339 issued by Greenwich Council and the one from Hazel Watson on behalf of Bexley Council – that there is no pandemic/epidemic/ medical emergency happening to justify the panic measures afflicting the whole community. We assume as dogsbodies and state apparatchiks and in contravention of their oaths of service that they had been directed to oppose our reasonable, rational and just request for the vaccinations to stop pending proper inquiry.

We understood there is now a live criminal investigation being conducted by the MET at Hammersmith Station – ref 6029679/21. In view of the serious nature of the crimes being alleged – it is reasonable for us to seek immediate suspension of the covid “vaccine” programmes before any more people are killed, incurably heart damaged, deafened, blinded or otherwise horribly afflicted.

We are especially concerned about gratuitous assault and injury being done to children and young people when there is no earthly reason for them to be drug treated. Constables Clarke and Lockyer claimed that taking the treatment was a matter of choice. This is untrue when in effect young people are either being bribed or blackmailed into the injection queue. Blackmail is a very serious offence and is part of the indictment being examined by the MET. Could you confirm the status of the Hammersmith inquiry? Could we remind you also about the local crime reference – 3615315/21 which at this point should also be live and be demanding your urgent and thorough address?

We have to question whether Constables and Clark told the truth when they claimed the Hammersmith investigation was not a live, criminal investigation—and a justification in itself for injections to be halted at the Clover Centre; or at least to allow grounds for Greenwich police discretion to act on the precautionary principle.

We request your immediate attention. If Constables Clark and Lockyer failed in their duty to maintain the Peace and protect the human rights of potentially endangered patients – we request you take immediate action and advise the Clover “vaccine” centre to cease injections until the community can be assured that all is well and the panic within the Authorities is not causing catastrophic health injuries.

Paul Ursell

Witnessed: M Kitzberger, R Cummin, Sue Johnstone

Supporters: M Ursell