Criminal Malfeasance: ‘The Bodies Are Piling Up – They See What We See’

“Our public health agencies are in a cover-up mode, and this is criminal negligence and malfeasance,” asserted Ed Dowd.

“The numbers are undeniable; they see what we see. Denmark had one of the most egregious excess mortality [rates]. … They ended their vaccination program for those under 50 and said, ‘It’s better to get COVID than the vaccine,’ which was kind of an Orwellian way to say, ‘Your chances of dying with a vaccine are higher.’” (Red Voice Media/Bitchute)

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Steve Kirsch: 1 in 3 Young People Who got “Vaxxed” Suffered Heart Injuries (Prevent Global Genocide/Brighteon):

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FOC Show: Steve Kirsch, Featured in ‘Died Suddenly’ Documentary—Vaccine Killing Millions, Treatments, VAERS, 5-Month Death Signal, Mystery Clots (Flyover Conservatives/Rumble):

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