Death Records Show Covid Vaccines Are Dramatically Shortening People’s Lifespan

By Steve Kirsch

This is why they are hiding them from public view. All they need to do is show the age, date died, and date of last COVID vax. It would end the COVID vax program worldwide instantly.

Executive summary

Any state governor or the head of any country in the world could bring an immediate halt to the COVID vaccine program for all ages if they published the age, date died, and date of last COVID vax (if any) for all people who died since the vaccine became available in their state/country. All they have to do is match up the death certificate with the date of last COVID vaccination. It’s not hard.

But nobody will do that.

It’s because they all know it would show that people were more likely to die after they got the shot which is the exact opposite of what is expected (due to the healthy patient bias).

Any surgeon general of a state could do this as well. They are all afraid.

Because I know what they will find. And so do they. That’s why they aren’t doing it.


Why are they hiding the data?

All we need from any state in the US, or any country anywhere in the world is a spreadsheet of everyone who died after 2021 with:

  1. Age at time of death
  2. Date of death
  3. Date of last COVID vaccination

That’s it.

You just do a join on two different tables: the death records and the vaccination records.

Nobody wants to produce that including the CDC.

And I know why too. It’s because it will show very clearly that the COVID vaccines are shortening lifespans.

That’s why nobody will release the data. It is NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. There isn’t a single honest leader anywhere in the world.

And I’d be delighted to be proven wrong on that one!

How do I know this

I’ve collected over 1,500 death reports that have the three pieces of data and the signal is extremely strong. It’s as clear as night and day. It’s consistent across all ranges… eerily consistent. I couldn’t believe how consistent it was.

You don’t even have to do the number crunching. You can just read the comments. Those comments can be verified by any fact checker. They are inconsistent with a safe vaccine.

But nobody is going to pay attention to me of course because that’s the way science works: anytime you show data that goes against the narrative, you get ignored.

It’s like that Project Veritas video last night: the mainstream news media is never going to cover it and the mainstream medical community will continue to remain silent about it. They will treat it like it never happened.

I received even more confirmation last night

Last night I spoke to a funeral director who is located in the heart of a large retirement community, and he told me that for the first year after the vaccines rolled out, he discovered that over half of the 100 deaths he handled in this period were occurring within 15 days of vaccination. The people who died were in their 70’s and older. It’s pretty unlikely to happen that they are clustered so close to their vaccination date like that if the vaccines are as safe as claimed.

So that’s just an anecdote, but it is consistent with the much larger dataset I have.

Note to ReutersFactCheck people: you guys still haven’t responded to my offer to show you the data on the FAA cardiac change. What’s going on?? I’ve sent you many emails asking to schedule a recorded meeting where we can go over the data. I thought you were interested in FACTS. Why are you not getting back to me? You were the ones who reached out to me challenging my story.

And I’d be DELIGHTED to share with you the source of this statistic (including the names of everyone who died so you can verify the dates of death and vaccination yourself) provided you agree to keep the identity of my source confidential because he’d surely lose his license for revealing this information.

By validating my statement, you will increase the credibility of my report which of course will make people distrust the US government even more than they do now. So I cannot wait for your call!!!!! Are you afraid of the truth?

I need your help if you haven’t yet reported a death in my “Deaths since 2020 survey”

If you know anyone who died in 2020 or later, vaccinated or unvaccinated, and you have not already reported the death in my survey, please take a few minutes to report it now. If you know more than 1 person who died, just report the person whose details (like vaccination status and dates of most recent vaccination) you know the best.

This will be the best evidence we have of a problem if anyone in a position of authority wants to look at it (unlikely, I know, but I keep hoping).


Any US governor or top state health official could instantly end the false “safe and effective” narrative that the vaccines are saving lives.

They aren’t saving lives at all; it’s crystal clear when you look at the death reports.

But nobody wants to show us the data. They all want to hide it from public view so nobody will ever find out the truth that the COVID vaccines are dramatically shortening people’s lifespans.

I would love to be proven wrong on this.

But we are over 2 years into the vaccination program and nobody wants to see the data: the mainstream media, the medical community, members of Congress (with the lone exception of Senator Ron Johnson), top officials at the CDC, FDA, and NIH, leadership of the WHO, Bill Gates, Peter Hotez, Eric Topol, ZDoggMD, Ashish Jha, US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, Susan Oliver, David Gorski, U Penn Professor Jeffrey Morris, Your Local Epidemiologist, “Debunk the Funk,” Simon Nicholls, Liza Dunn, Eugene Gu, Jonathan Jarry, etc. Heck, not even Susan Oliver’s dog Cindy is calling for this data. NONE OF THEM WANT TO SEE THE DATA.

Heck, not even Neil deGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist who pretends to be an expert on the COVID vaccine, will speak out. He hung up the phone on me when I called him. What kind of “scientist” hides from the data like this? The guy should be ashamed. He basically crawls under a rock and hides from the data when challenged.

None of them are calling for this information to be disclosed because they all know what it will show. They are all remaining silent. No transparency is just fine with them.

Let’s be clear. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla is NOT calling for this data to be made public! He’s smart: he knows full well that the data would show his product is killing massive numbers of people.

Come on blue pilled people. If Bourla thought his product saved lives, he’d have written a clause into the secret contracts they negotiated that all governments must disclose the death data. Bourla is doing everything possible to make sure you NEVER learn the truth.

Not even Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is calling for this data. He could easily get it. In a heartbeat. That’s how afraid they are of the truth.

They are all terrified of disclosing this data.

This is the greatest coverup in medical history. They should all be ashamed. There is no excuse for this.

If this data is ever made public by an official with courage, the truth will be revealed and the entire lot of them will be ashamed for having never called for this data to be made public. Don’t hold your breath that this will ever happen. This is how corrupt world governments are.

The only people in the world calling for transparency of this data are the “misinformation spreaders.”

Major credit goes to my friend John Beaudoin; he was the first “misinformation spreader” to publicly call for making this data public starting about 6 months ago. His calls fell on deaf ears worldwide.

If the data doesn’t support the narrative, it is suppressed. Because that’s how science works.

Finally, I dare any pro-vax mainstream scientist to retweet this article to their Twitter followers. None of them will do the right thing.