Destroying the Middle Classes is an Integral Part of the Conspirators’ Plan

By Dr Vernon Coleman. Below is the transcript for Coleman’s video published here.

I was a mere lad with hair when I started making videos just under three years ago. It seems like a lifetime and a half away.

Back In April 2022, I made a video entitled ‘We have eight months’ in which I pointed out that we were on the brink of the Great Reset.

Well, the eight months are up and we’re in a world where everything we do is controlled by the conspirators. We are already part of the way into the nightmare I talked about when I made my video entitled ‘Nightmare on your street’. The social credit scheme which controls the Chinese population is already with us.

In the UK and other European countries such as Sweden and Denmark, just 1% of financial transactions involve cash. The same is true in Singapore. In the UK, half the population reports that they have had difficulty paying for goods or services with cash. Councils are replacing car park cash machines with Apps which can only be used with a smart phone. More and more cafes, restaurants and shops are refusing cash. It’s difficult to travel using cash. WHICH magazine recently said that we need to avoid sleepwalking into a society in which cash users are excluded. They’re wrong. We’re not sleepwalking into anything. We’re being deliberately, mercilessly driven into a cashless society and those people who pay for coffees and newspapers and snacks with a credit card are the worst kind of collaborators. Even worse is using an App on your phone to pay for a coffee.

I looked hard for a little cheery news about cash and I found this. In Italy the new leader, Giorgia Meloni says that currency notes are the only legal currency in Italy and that electronic money doesn’t count. Her first budget will include a rule that allows shops and businesses to refuse plastic and demand cash for payments up to 60 euros. She’s the best politician in Europe and, indeed, the world. I hope she’s got good protection.

We are very, very close to losing cash and if we do, it will be the beginning of full-blooded social credit and a digital society. Without cash they will know everything and they will control everything you do.

For those prepared to look beyond the utterly discredited mainstream media it is clear that the truths about the pandemic fraud, the climate change fraud, the vaccine fraud, the digitalisation fraud and the social credit fraud are all out in the open.

There are few secrets left and many of those behind the frauds no longer bother to hide their lies and their corruption. Only the collaborators, the doctors who have abandoned the truth as they have abandoned their patients and their honour, and the journalists at discredited organisations such as the BBC who peddle lies and misinformation with the effortless ease of confidence tricksters, are still attempting to pretend that anything that we’ve been told was anything other than a compendium of lies designed by the conspirators to lead us directly into the Great Reset, the New Normal and a world where compassion, hope, humanity, decency, respect and honour have all been replaced by greed, treachery and an endless willingness to sell their souls for the traditional thirty pieces of silver.

The UK Government launched a new scare campaign recently and , as always, encouraged people to snitch on friends, relatives and neighbours who have log fires so that they can eat and keep warm on the same days, said that polluted air could kill as many people as covid. I hate snitching and sneaking – it’s a way the evil ones are recruiting collaborators.

Well, the Government was actually telling the truth. Polluted air kills around 30,000 people a year in Britain. And that is actually rather more than were officially killed by covid-19. It’s also the same as the number who die each year from the flu. And less than some years. In 2017-2018 for example the Government reported that 50,100 deaths were due to the flu in a four month period.

None of that will be any surprise to regular viewers since back in April 2021 I made a video entitled ‘Final, Irrefutable Proof that the Covid-19 Pandemic Never Existed’.

The so-called opinion makers now admit that covid -19 is symptomatically similar to colds and the flu. That’s exactly what the British Government’s advisors said in March 2020. Everyone who has said differently has lied – all those doctors lied.

You’ll remember that when covid -19 was being promoted like a rock star on tour everyone around the world talked about nothing else. Every third rate scientist and Z list celebrity in the world shared their inexpert conviction that covid-19 was the new plague. Meanwhile, the traditional flu disappeared completely. It just went. And you will have noticed that the flu is now back. Indeed, the Government is warning that the flu could kill 30,000 people this flu season. That’s pretty normal. And the odd thing is that covid -19 is no longer going to kill 30,000. It seems to have disappeared.

You don’t need many brain cells to see the pattern. Flu kills 30,000 in the UK. Then, when it disappears, covid-19 kills 30,000. Then covid-19 is replaced by a new version of the flu which will, we are told, kill 30,000 in the UK in 2022-2023. There is, of course, a new flu jab available for those whose only discernible skill is in rolling up their sleeves. If they’d seen the video I made in July 2022 called ‘New Scary Flu Jab Coming’ they would run as fast as they could in the opposite direction if they saw a doctor or a nurse with a syringe in their hand. But they won’t see the video and they won’t run and they may or may not live to regret their ignorance.

Right from the start, of course, I’ve been telling you that covid-19 was simply the rebranded flu. And what a miracle it was that this edition of the flu suddenly appeared overnight in every country in the world. Not even with aeroplane travel has any other infection ever spread so quickly and so thoroughly.

I mentioned a few dozen times that the toxic, inadequately tested, ineffective and dangerous covid jab would kill more than covid-19 itself. The figures have pretty well proved that to be true. In 2020 – two years ago – I listed the side effects including myocarditis, heart attacks, strokes and clots that could be expected. A study in Thailand showed that 30% of young adults have had cardiovascular injuries. Doctors ignored the evidence. I also published evidence showing that there would be brain damage. And now there are experts who believe that the brains of those who have been jabbed are damaged – in much the same way that brains are damaged after lobotomies. The personality changes we are seeing are real. The internet is awash with peer reviewed studies which prove that the jabs should have never been given to anyone. But ignorant and dangerous doctors are ignoring the evidence and continuing to instruct nurses to kill and injure their patients for big fees.

Everything else they told us was also a lie. The PCR test was always useless and always dangerous. In the UK, thanks to Hancock, who should be locked in a four foot square cell eating cockroaches, the test and trace scheme is recognised to have been a complete waste of £37 billion of taxpayers’ money with chums of chums claiming £1,000 a day to provide advice.

All that wasted money means that taxes have soared. The Government lies about it but there are many people in Britain now paying 60-70% of their earnings to the taxman. That’s not much of an incentive to work, of course. As they know. Taxes in the UK are as high as they were in World War II and they are going to go higher. Windfall taxes on oil companies are stopping exploration for more oil and they’re further damaging pension funds which were devastated, and in some cases cut in half, by Truss and Kwarteng’s bizarre budget.

As a result thousands of the people paying high taxes are leaving the UK and they’re being replaced by hundreds of thousands of immigrants who will cost the country a fortune in housing and benefits. The only people supporting unlimited immigration are the people who aren’t paying for it. Other European countries won’t take Albanians – why should they, they’re not oppressed – but at the present rate it won’t be long before there are more young Albanian men living in England than there are living in Albania.

And those paying 40% are also paying 20% VAT, fuel taxes, stamp duties, and on and on. Destroying the middle classes is an integral part of the conspirators’ plan. The State today is 50% bigger than it was under war criminal Tony Blair. There are 1.2 million job vacancies and 5.2 million claiming benefits – mostly because they enjoyed the furlough months and have been struck down with an imaginary disease called long covid.

We’re living in a kleptocracy and £12 billion was wasted on defective or overpriced PPE. Chums of Government ministers were looting the country, and a king’s ransom was wasted on gloves and masks which were useless and had to be thrown away. To make matters worse, the Government is spending £7 billion on equality and diversity measures – left wing spend, spend policies designed to create division not heal it. And of course they’re wasting over £100 billion on a railway line that no one wants.

Lockdowns were always useless and always dangerous. Masks were always useless and always dangerous. The fact that hospital staff are still wearing them and expecting patients and relatives to wear them is proof that those who are masked are completely uninterested in medical science and only interested in compliance. They have abandoned patients and medicine and become enforcers for a thoroughly corrupt system. My small book Proof that face masks do more harm than good has at last found a brave publisher and will be out soon. It contains all the evidence anyone needs – proving that masks don’t work but do kill.

Social distancing was always useless and always dangerous and mentally disturbing. Long covid never existed – though around the world millions of hypochondriacs and idlers are now permanently off work because of it – and being subsidised by the rapidly falling few who are still working. When the UK Government put up benefits by more than 10% they pretty well ensured that wages would soar that much; that the self-employed and small businesses would be destroyed and that inflation would stay dangerously high.

Everything was designed to make the weak-willed and feeble minded afraid and compliant. Government committees admitted that their aim was to create fear out of nothing. Incidentally, the Daily Telegraph ran a story the other day headed ‘Governments have learned that fear works’. That story takes the biscuit. Governments have been using fear for a long time because they were advised by their brainwashing specialists that it works.

The aim, as I’ve been telling you for nearly three years, was to destroy the health service and destroy the economy, to damage immune systems – particularly among the very old and the very young who are the ones they want to kill first, to create depression, to push up interest rates, to push up inflation and to kill people with the cold and soaring food prices. It’s all there in videos I made in early 2020. Incidentally, after several attempts at publishing were banned, there is now a published collection of those scripts called Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History. Even if the videos are gone – and some of them have been repeatedly and deliberately banned – the transcripts are still available.

The only way for governments to pay off their obscene levels of debt is to continue to force up inflation. The interest on the UK Government’s debts will cost hundreds of billions so the Bank of England won’t dare put up interest rates enough to conquer inflation because of the danger of a very major house price crash.

Huge amounts of taxpayers’ money is being used to pay the cost of quantitative easing. If you have children then their children’s children’s children will still be paying off the debts the Government has accumulated in the last three years. Our collective legacy will be debt. That’s the way they want it. You and they will own nothing.

Don’t believe a word they say about bringing inflation down. No one has the heart to deal with inflation but, nevertheless, property prices are going to fall as interest rates rise a little. The Economist magazine suggests that property prices in the UK could fall by more than a third. They’ll fall everywhere in the world. And you should perhaps know that the Bank of England has been gaming a scenario in which house prices fall by 33% and the unemployment rate rises from 3.5% to 12%. The Bank seems to think that the banks will be able to cope with that sort of economic collapse.

But a collapse in house prices will hurt home owners, damage consumer confidence and damage banks. The perils of stagflation – inflation without growth – are round the corner if not here. None of it is happening by accident.

Maybe the discredited BBC forgot to mention all that.

And maybe they forget to tell you that the EU has absurd policies relating to oil tankers and their insurance which will pretty well guarantee that fuel prices will be higher next winter than they are now. And since fossil fuels provide us with up to 95% of our energy (even when the sun is shining and the wind is blowing) we’re stuck with huge energy bills for a long time to come. Those high prices will help keep inflation roaring away at record levels.

If you doubt me take a look at the videos I made in 2020. Most of them are still available on and brandnewtube – though it’s been a battle to keep them alive and, of course, the disreputable and discredited YouTube deleted everything with my name on it – even old bits of terrestrial television that were there.

Everything that has happened I predicted a long time ago and everything I predicted has happened. It was a clear cut plan to destroy our way of life and if you don’t believe that then you haven’t been paying attention.

But the fake pandemic and the ubiquitous jabbing with a toxic jab that didn’t do what they said it would do and wasn’t as safe as they promised it was. It was all just a training programme.

Like the utterly pointless recycling programme – diesel lorries collecting recycling and diesel powered ships taking it abroad to be dumped or burnt in China or Turkey – it was all an exercise in compliance.

The feeble minded and weak willed wore their masks, hid indoors and allowed themselves to be jabbed. They preferred to believe drug company lies rather than listen to the truth and now they are dying in their thousands. Those who trusted the establishment are doomed. They made their choice. But they made the wrong choice.

The elderly, the young, the sick, the disabled, the self-employed, those running small businesses have all been punished for living. The evil conspirators have no compassion, no empathy, no sense of community. They have paid brainwashing specialists to create fear and they’ve forced upon millions a toxic jab that causes brain and heart damage. All that has been proved beyond doubt.

The beginning of the saga isn’t difficult to find. It all started when peak oil was first recognised in the 1940s. The conspirators, or their fathers and grandfathers, realised that they needed to protect the oil supplies by cutting travel and changing our way of living. They also decided they needed to cut the size of the global population. By the way, as anyone who has studied the facts will know the rumour that the oil is not running out was created by the conspirators to cause confusion and it fits neatly alongside a number of bizarre and entirely unscientific notions, such as the resurrected theory that the earth is flat and that if we travel too far we’ll fall off the edge.

In the 1960s, the first generation of modern conspirators deliberately dug the decades old myth of man-made global warming out of the history books, dusted it off and re-launched it as a man-made scare story designed to terrify and control the gullible and the feeble minded. It’s done very nicely for them but it’s about as scientific as the theory that the earth is flat. The United Nations was there early on. The World Economic Forum came in later. There was never a shred of evidence for any of it. The only thing man-made about our weather have been the carefully planned and orchestrated events designed to shock and kill and reduce a global population which they think is too large. It is no coincidence that the worst cold spell in recent British history coincides with the highest fuel prices in history. And then, when they decided we’d had enough cold weather, they allowed the temperature to rise in a sudden, unprecedented way.

And here’s another oddity.

The WHO says that indoor temperatures should be kept at 70 degrees F for the elderly. But the mainstream media says that 60 will do fine. And, of course, covid regulations mean the windows must be kept open so that the freezing cold air can come inside and do its worst. The result will be that 100,000 elderly folk will die of the cold this winter. Murdered by a combination of circumstances. Just how many will be killed by striking health service staff is frightening to think about. The nurses will certainly murder thousands and the union bosses should be arrested and charged.

And then, impressed by what the Chinese were doing, western governments co-opted social credit schemes, added them to digitalisation and started to promise us the Great Reset – a new world order, a new way of living where we would do what we were told and live in a world of permanent fear: the world Orwell foresaw when he wrote ‘1984’.

The designer war with Russia and the completely unnecessary sanctions were dreamt up and introduced to push up energy prices and create food shortages. Britain alone has spent tens of billions on providing arms for a war between the West and Russia – even though it has never been officially declared. The real aim was to kill hundreds of millions in Africa and Asia where small rises in fuel and food costs cause a massive rise in starvation. The conspirators knew that if they distracted voters in the West no one would notice the cleansing and genocide taking place in another part of the world – and they were right.

Governments have encouraged the removal of statues, micro-aggression, allegations of racism and sexism built out of nothing and the blocking of roads by lunatic climate cultists. The entire climate change fraud can be summed up in one word: hypocrisy. Every few months 45,000 insane cultists fly around the world to another conference where they agree that no one should fly anywhere. Many of them arrive by private plane.

The endless hypocrisy is utterly staggering. Canadian Mark Carney, probably the worst ever Governor of the Bank of England, turned himself into a climate expert and loves telling us all what to do to save the planet from the perils of pseudoscience. But he’s been selling farms in Brazil which are linked to deforestation claims.

Most independent scientists agree that the idea of man-made climate change is manufactured nonsense and that even if the absurd predictions shared by ignorant fools come true, the effect will be of no consequence. The real problems in our world are man-made it is true, but they have nothing to do with the climate.

Royals and celebrities who tell us we must not fly or have big families, fly by private plane and have big families. The climate fraud, like the AIDS fraud, is a pseudoscientific marketing exercise and it’s all about money.

Back in the 1990s we were told that AIDS would affect us all by the turn of the century. To try to keep it going they now label thousands who have tuberculosis as AIDS sufferers. The AIDS fraud was a trial run for covid but it failed – as did various other attempts.

Today, lunatic schemes mean that it is nigh on impossible for anyone who isn’t rich to drive into London. In Oxford they’re planning to effectively imprison citizens in the name of climate change. In Holland the Government has closed 3,000 farms to help ensure that food prices are kept high to save the world from non-existent global warming. The farms that remain cannot afford fertiliser so their food production will fall. If you think any of this is happening by accident then you probably had a brain destroying covid jab.

The conspirators must get rid of farms because farms use oil for tractors and fertiliser. Farmland has no future value whatsoever. If they have their way our diet will be made up of insects and laboratory made food. And I’m not kidding.

Global warming is now blamed for everything bad that happens. But in truth, everything bad that happens has been deliberately arranged. The inflation which is devastating every country was foreseeable and inevitable. If you doubt me take a look at my recent video entitled ‘I warned about soaring inflation and interest rates in 2020, so what’s next’. The video is on and the transcript is there too. If I knew what was coming over two years ago do you not think the central banks might have worked it out?

I believe they coordinated the mass of strikes that have devastated everything so that they could further decimate economies which were already crumbling. The self-employed will suffer most from the strikes and most will go out of business – deliberately destroyed by governments and unions working together. Economies everywhere are being devastated by insane four day working weeks and insane working from home policies – they’re even letting some NHS staff work from home so in the UK if you’re lucky enough to have an operation it will probably be performed on the surgeon’s kitchen table with the dog eating any bits left over. Postal services are being devastated by strikes which will force everyone to do everything online. By the middle of December 2022, the rail strikes had lost the country an estimated £2-3 billion even though subsidising the railways has cost British households £1,800 each over the past six years.

The mass of deaths caused by the covid-19 jab will be blamed on striking nurses, by the way. The conspirators want us to hate the nurses so that they can kill the NHS. Paying the nurses what they want, by the way, would cost every taxpayer another £2,000 a year. Every public service employee will demand the same and the nurses will want the best part of 20% a year forever, so the cost will be considerably more than that.

The feeble minded think the unions are hoping to bring down the Government by their actions. Nothing could be further from the truth. We already have a communist government controlled by the WEF. I believe the unions are destroying the economy and the country and collaborating in a race to drive us into inflation hell and a world in which we will own nothing and be as miserable as sin. Pay rises at or above inflation levels will simply push inflation ever higher and create poverty and destroy currencies.

And still there are people around who think it’s all happening by accident, that we’re having a lot of bad luck and that one coincidence after another just keeps on coming. The mainstream media is full of woefully ignorant commentators moaning that the world has gone inexplicably mad. Oh no it hasn’t. The people in control are insane. But their madness is defined and very carefully controlled. Schwab doesn’t think he’s a teapot. Bill Gates doesn’t think he is Napoleon and His Royal Hypocrite doesn’t think he’s a banana. They all know exactly what they’re doing. And populations everywhere have allowed them to get away with murder.

The frauds are being sustained and promoted by the media – by the discredited BBC, the discredited YouTube, the discredited Wikipedia, the discredited Google, the discredited mainstream media and the whole of social media – from all which I am still completely banned. The discredited YouTube even bans me from accessing any films on their channel. Incidentally, all my videos disappeared from BrandNewTube not long ago – that’s the second time they’ve been censored en masse. They’re now available on and Muhammad Butt of BNT tells me that if they aren’t back on brandnewtube they soon will be. And there are thousands of versions on other platforms including Bitchute which recently lost its bank accounts. There are details of that on Bitchute and I’ll tell you more about that vital story in my next video which is about 2023 – out next week.

Don’t forget to watch my friend Dr Colin Barron’s brilliant and hilarious videos. You can see them on Rumble and access them from my websites.

In my next video which will be released on the 30th December, I’ll explain more about exactly what is going to happen in 2023. Once you realise that everything is happening by design, and according to an evil masterplan, it isn’t difficult to see what must happen next.

I’ll explain why they’re planning to close most airports in Britain before the end of this decade , with travel exclusively enjoyed by the conspirators and their chums in the global warming movement, and why all airports will be shut by 2050. And I’ll explain why I fear that they’ll soon be linking vaccine certificates to a digital ID that will mean that those without certificates will be denied bank accounts or internet access. I’ll explain why the recession is going to get much, much worse, how the WEF’s plans are coming to fruition, why most of the world will soon be getting their pay cheques from their government and why insane left wing climate cultists will soon be running everything that they aren’t already running.

We’re in extra time. If we don’t take action very quickly it will soon all be over. The ghettos I warned about nearly three years ago are getting more and more real every day. No one will save us. We have to save ourselves.

Please look at my websites and – where there is new material most days – and share what you find with everyone on social media. I’m pretty well banned from everywhere except my own websites and those kind people who carry my material. Any social media sites which you see in my name are fraudulent. If you’d like to buy one of my books that would be terrific. There are bookshops on both my websites. Running websites costs more than you think and we have never accepted ads or charged fees. The good news is that the traffic to alone last month reached 17.5 million and there were 796 attempts to hack into that site alone in November. Some months there are as many as 3,000 serious hacking attempts.

And remember: when you see something bad happening you have to stand up for what you believe to be right. If you don’t then you might as well be dead. Sadly, most people have turned their faces to the wall and given up. There is no free speech anywhere in the world. In the UK, Christians are an ethnic minority and, statistically speaking, in many parts of the country white English folk are an oppressed ethnic minority. It’s not hard to argue that white, English Christians are very definitely entitled to all the special rights and privileges available to any persecuted minority group.

You are definitely not alone. More and more people are waking up. And once awake they don’t go back to sleep. If you are watching this before Christmas – have a healthy and happy Christmas and a much better 2023 than they want us to have. May God be with you and remember: defiance not compliance.

Distrust the Government, avoid mass media and fight the lies. And if you want to save yourself, your family and your friends please share this and my other videos with everyone you know and many people you don’t know. I can’t share anything because I’m banned everywhere for the modern sin of telling the truth and proving it to be true. And visit my websites where you’ll find a good deal of new research material designed for the intelligent and sceptical reader who wants the truth.

Thank you for watching an old man in a chair.