Mystery around Death of Tanzanian President Who Defied Lockdown and Vaccine

Tanzania was one of very few countries in the world that have resisted the globalist narrative on covid.
Tanzania’s late president rejected a covid vaccine and exposed the faultiness of the PCR testing almost a year ago, after a goat and a papaya tested “positive”. He also declined mask wearing and refused to lock the country down or to close churches, and instead invited people to pray.

The president of Tanzania, John Magufuli, died suddenly on 17 March, and a lot of mystery remains around his death. He has now been replaced by a woman who is a member of the World Economic Forum and the World Bank.

LifeSiteNews reports:

Magufuli, who had a doctorate in chemistry, also warned Tanzanians against becoming “guinea pigs” for the various experimental COVID vaccinations, saying, “If the white man was able to come up with vaccinations, then vaccinations for AIDS would have been brought, tuberculosis would be a thing of the past, vaccines for malaria and cancer would have been found.”


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Tanzanian President John Magufuli – “Even Papay and Goats are Corona positive”: