Digital ID Passes the Australian Parliament

The WEF control card, formerly rejected as the Australia Card in 1968 after blocking debate in the Parliament and ignoring 4,000 negative submissions has finally achieved another victory for the ALP and Greens who can wallow in infamy from this day on.

Couple this with the Misinformation Bill and a general attitude of ‘let’s ignore the people who elected us and take our orders from overseas’ results in an impervious dictatorial control system.

Our clever government may enjoy the icing on the cake when they hand over our sovereignty to the WHO. Sorry to observe, they’re brainwashed enough to do it!

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The time and date of 4.47pm on Thursday, 16 May 2024 may go down in infamy after the events in Parliament House, Canberra on this day.

Despite the please of tens of thousands of Australians, the Albanese Labor Government voted for the Digital ID Bill.

The Albanese Labor Government passed the Digital ID Bill today despite widespread opposition from Australians.

The bill, having already passed the Senate, will now become law and mandate Digital ID across the country.

Labor MPs, the Greens, and several independents supported the bill, while the Liberal National Coalition and two other independents opposed it.

The bill’s passage coincides with recent data breaches and reports of government ransomware attacks, raising concerns about data security.

There are genuine fears the Digital ID system will lead to monitoring and control, similar to China’s Social Credit system.

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Australia PASS Digital ID Law (Mahyar Tousi TV/YT):

Don’t you love the smell of gaslight in the morning… (Australians vs. The Agend/YT):

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