Do the Vaccinated Emit Hackable Bluetooth Mac IP Addresses?

Sent to us by a reader. Have you tried this out yourself? Let us know here.

Proof Vaccinated People’s Bodies Emit Hackable Bluetooth Mac IP Addresses

1) Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone.
2) Go to Settings menu, select About Device and then Software Info.
3) Tap on Build Number seven times to activate ‘Developer Mode’.
4) Go back to Settings menu, select Developer Options and then switch ON.
5) Go back to Bluetooth and press Scan.

Now you will see a list of the 12 digit (unnamed) Mac IP addresses being wirelessly emitted by all vaccinated people within a 50 metre radius. This may not be seen on newer smart phones, but it definitely is seen on Android 5.1 software version phones that are still being sold.

These Bluetooth Mac IP addresses wirelessly emitted by vaccinated people change throughout the day (nobody has a permanent Mac address). It can be identified which person emits which Mac IP address at any time by moving away from them by 50 metres, re-scanning to see which Mac address disappears from the list, and then moving close to them again to see the same Mac address re-appearing again upon rescanning. An open space 50 metre radius with limited people in it is best for identifying an individual person’s currently emitted Mac IP address.

Vaccinated iphone users bodies Mac IP addresses synchronise with their iphones such that their individual Mac IP is hidden and only iphone is displayed on the Bluetooth available list. To identify their individual Mac IP address, their iphone must be switched off or be at least 50 metres away from their bodies. Unvaccinated people do not wirelessly emit a Bluetooth Mac IP address.

What does this mean?
This means there was an ulterior motive behind the Covid-19 narrative to vaccinate the whole population with documented new technologies that make people’s bodies to wirelessly communicate with computers and what is worse vice versa for Mind Control and reading your thoughts (Transhumanism). For example if you tap on any individual’s Bluetooth Mac IP, it asks for a password to be entered. Worryingly, who has the password to wirelessly hack into your body?

This has been done without people’s informed consent! Go to the Police to report a crime showing the Bluetooth Mac proof and documentation below. Hold those responsible and politicians to criminal account. Whilst removing this Nanotechnology from your bodies is unlikely possible, cancelling 5G technology will stop your bodies being hacked via the towers working in conjunction with smart phones and to your body.

A reader’s reaction to this article:

On my Samsung Galaxy A52 5G I am able to see the MAC address of the vaccinated. I just select Bluetooth and then do a scan and I pick up many people’s MAC addresses. Plus, I have 5G turned off on my phone.

I just wanted to pass this on to you.

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