Do You Want this Kind of Control?

For those ‘awake’, this seems to be another call to give up your smartphone, use cash and avoid Google whenever possible:

The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently approved a technology that aims to surveil people by their digital activity and give them scores that define their “potential level of superspreading activity.” Vaccination will then depend on the scores gathered using the technology.

The patent put forward by attorneys Gal Ehrlich and Maier Fenster of Ehrlich & Fenster proposes collecting a variety of personal information from different sources, such as mobile devices, apps, social media, web browsing records, payment records, medical records, employment records, the government, and other surveillance cameras.

It was also collect highly specific personal information from these sources, including precise location data, length of time spent at locations being visited, ventilation rates of these places, images of people looking at the screen of their mobile phones, sounds from microphones in personal devices, and facial recognition data.

The patent also proposes numerous political surveillance applications, which include detecting when people are using public transport by using geolocation and/or start-stop movements that match public transportation profiles. It will monitor when people are washing their hands by analysing sounds of water running or by smartwatch movement. It will also check whether people are wearing a mask by analysing images taken out during calls or by looking at the screen of the mobile phone.

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