Do you want to get back to normal?

This leaflet was written by a reader. Please feel free to copy and share!

Do you want to get back to normal?

Then act normally! Start by refusing to wear a mask. You don’t even have to break the law. Did you know that under the terms of the Coronavirus Act 2020 everyone can exempt themselves from wearing a mask? You cannot be asked for proof. All you have to say is that you are exempt. If a police officer asks why you are exempt, you say that wearing a mask causes you “severe distress”. That is the phrase used in the Act. They cannot ask for proof. Indeed there is no process whereby you could provide proof. The doctors won’t provide it. A lanyard or a card prove nothing. Your word is all that is required.

Does it cause you severe distress to wear a mask? Well, did you know that Dr Margareta Griesz-Brisson, a consultant neurologist in Harley Street, says that children get less oxygen than their brains need if they are wearing a mask? This happens without them necessarily experiencing any distress. But their brains will not then develop properly, and the damage done thereby is permanent. If we wear masks we are playing a part in normalising the practice and we are therefore complicit in children being made to wear them as well. Knowing that, does wearing a mask now cause you severe distress? If not, then this leaflet is not for you.

The testing is flawed, the statistics on cases depend on how many people are being tested, the vaccine is unnecessary for almost everyone, and the likelihood of giving someone else the virus if you have no symptoms is incredibly small.

On the other hand, not touching, not breathing, not meeting, not hugging, not singing, not acting normally, all these things are very bad for you.

If you’re scared, despite all the evidence, then wear a mask. Go ahead. And if you’re happy with the government, then good luck. Carry on hoping that one day they will give you back your freedom. But the rest of us need to start taking our freedom back ourselves. Breathe normally. Let people see your face.

Stop wearing a mask!