Don’t Let Them Kill The Kids

Transcript: It’s February 2022 and this is video number 306.

The governments in the UK have all approved child murder and are now offering toxic, experimental jabs to children aged 5-11 years old. Children must stay home from school when it’s windy, lest they be hit by a flying leaf, but they must wear masks which will do absolutely no good at all but which will ruin their physical and mental health and we are going to jab them with a poison that has, according to the UK Government’s undeniable, official figures, produced by the MHRA, killed 1,996 people and resulted in 1,445,836 adverse reactions. And the real danger is yet to come with unknown long-term effects.

Having murdered thousands of adults they’re now moving onto the little children.

The drug they have approved for small children has been proven beyond any doubt to be unnecessary and deadly when given to older children and adults. If you doubt that take a look at any of the dozen videos I’ve made explaining exactly why the covid-19 jabs aren’t safe to be used as landfill and why I believe that the gullible idiots who’ve agreed to be jabbed should never be allowed to give blood again to blood donor services.

The evidence proving that these toxic, experimental drugs were never fit for purpose has been available since 2020 – that’s well over a year ago. I made a video at the end of 2020 in which I pointed out that the US Government recognised that the covid-19 jabs could cause a massively long list of dangerous and deadly side effects. I’ve lost count of the number of videos and articles on the jabs I produced after that – all pointed to yet more evidence proving that they’re deadly and unnecessary and of use only to the drug companies making them.

And yet, despite the evidence, governments continued to promote the stuff and advisors continued to claim that there were no risks.

Worse still media doctors all over the world lined up to collect money from TV stations, newspapers and governments to endorse products which they must have known were about as safe as bungee jumping without the elastic band. Were all those appearing in Government ads paid to promote the jabs or did they do it because they didn’t know?

Were hundreds of jab advocates really that greedy for a bit of fame and money – and the chance of an MBE or a knighthood – that they were prepared to ignore the evidence and act as drug pushers for corrupt governments and an always corrupt drug industry.

Everywhere you look there have been journalists and commentators pushing these products. YouTube has been full of them – with someone called John Campbell one of the most prolific and successful. I don’t know how many videos he’s made promoting the most poisonous gunk ever produced but it must be measured in hundreds. With hundreds of millions watching the damned things. He’s been making videos for years but started to get huge viewing figures during covid. The United Nations said he was a wonderful tool against misinformation. Well, I don’t think they actually called him a tool but something like that.

I don’t know what he earns from the adverts because I’ve never monetised a video but I gather it is possible to earn $4 per thousand views. With a million views a day that’s $4,000 a day or $1.5 million dollars a year.

I’m banned from even accessing YouTube but I expect Campbell is still there.

And Campbell, of course, isn’t a medical doctor and he never has been. He’s got a PhD from the University of Bolton.

And then there is Devi Sridhar, the chair, who is still around and pontificating. Yesterday she said she thought it bizarre that social media gives equal credibility to random influences versus experts with training and work and field experience. Absolutely right. The only thing she’s ever said that makes sense. Has she, for example, ever removed an appendix?

When I was young and used to be able to go to watch cricket matches there were invariably calls for a doctor to go to the back of the such and such stand or to the pavilion. If the call was for a doctor to go to the pavilion there would always be half a dozen blokes there before me. All academics. Three would have PhDs in music, two would have a PhD in maths and one would have a PhD in theology. ‘Oh we didn’t know you wanted a medical doctor,’ they’d say.

In July 2021 I made a video entitled ‘How many children will die because of this woman?’

The woman, of course, was Sridhar, no more a medical doctor than my beloved chair. I said she was one of the most dangerous women on planet earth and that she made the evil queen in Snow White look benevolent and warm hearted. I made two or three videos about her lies on the BBC.

This is what Sridhar said: ‘The benefit of getting the vaccine is that you don’t need to worry about covid-19. It means you’re likely to not infect your parents, the people you live with and your teachers.’ This is what she said about the side effects: ‘Some children experience similar side effects to adults – these include fatigue, having a headache, feeling generally unwell, but these cleared within a day or two. And it seems a small price to pay for actually being protected from the real disease.’

That’s what she said. My videos are still there on BNT. Back in December 2020 we knew that the covid jabs could cause myocarditis, blood clotting problems, strokes and much much more. There is now a whole library of information about the dangers of these toxic jabs. I think Sridhar should have been arrested, charged, tried and sent back. Let’s start a campaign to have her thrown out of the country. We’ve got enough home grown, arrogant, ignorant loonies. I’d love to debate with her but she wouldn’t dare. None of them has the guts to stand up and debate. Maybe I could challenge her to a duel. Swords or pistols.

Incidentally, someone said that my challenge to Whitty and SAGE was not a good idea because I might lose the debate. Well, I’m not yet senile and I knew they would never have the balls to debate with me. I wanted to prove that they know the science is against them. But in the days when I was allowed to debate stuff on TV I never lost one and if they had agreed to debate I’m darned certain I wouldn’t lose this one. How could I? Every bit of scientific evidence in existence proves that covid is a fraud and that the jabs were never necessary or safe. They’re poisons with a purpose.

I don’t know whether Devi Sridhar can read or not but if she can she should look at the evidence. Around 2000 deaths from these damned jabs in the UK alone. The reports from America and other countries are equally terrifying. And we haven’t yet seen the medium and long-term problems.

I know of only two medically qualified British doctors who’ve been making their own videos in the UK since 2020 and are still making them – myself and Dr Colin Barron. There may be more and there are other doctors who’ve spoken out and done interviews.

But Campbell isn’t one of them. And I wonder how many people who believed him knew that. He is, I believe, a qualified nurse and a teacher of nurses he has a PhD in nursing so he’s just the man I’d go to to show me how to turn the corners down when making a nice, neat bed. Incidentally, I know many brave nurses have criticised the covid jab.

But what has he been doing handing out information about the covid jabs to hundreds of millions of people? I’d like to know how much he’s earned over the last couple of years from adverts. And how many people believed him and got jabbed? I’m banned even from accessing YouTube but I’ll bet he’s still there, talking about covid, and that tells you everything you need to know.

Everyone with brain tissue and medical training should have known from the beginning that these damned things weren’t safe. But anyone who said they weren’t safe lost their YouTube channel.

Any real, medical doctor giving one of these jabs to a small child, more vulnerable and developing than adults, should be struck off, defrocked and hung, drawn and quartered before being arrested and thrown into prison for life. The same goes for any parent allowing their small child to be jabbed with this experimental poison. (Factcheckers might like to know that a poison is defined as a substance that, when introduced into a living body, causes illness or death. The covid jabs are known to cause illness or death and are, therefore, poisons.)

We have to fight this together. Injecting poison into children is as bad as anything Mengele ever did. It is evil beyond comprehension. And we all have to fight it together. I am tired of the constant abuse from those who don’t believe in germ theory. Maybe they will put aside their irrelevant hatred of the germ theory for a moment and just concentrate on the important stuff – the prospective jabbing of young children.

Incidentally, here are a few simple questions for those who deny the existence of the germ theory. No one has questioned the medical establishment for longer than I have but these people insist on threatening me with simple abuse and with physical violence because I’ve tried to share facts about covid.

Without the germ theory, how do you explain why people in Broad Street stopped dying of cholera when Dr John Snow took the handle off the water pump?

How do you explain why so many people with infections get better if you give them antibiotics – and die if you don’t?

Why do fungal or vaginal skin infections disappear when anti-fungal cream is applied?

Why was Typhoid Mary such a threat?

Would you be happy to be operated on by a surgeon who sharpened his knife on the sole of his shoe – as they used to do?

How come smallpox was conquered not by vaccines – as the drug companies would have you believe – but by quarantine?

Why did operating theatre mortality rates decline when surgeons started to wash their hands? What about Semmelweiss?

There isn’t time for distracting, academic discussions about theories. This is a time for fighting for the children.

The bottom line is that unless they decide to give five-year-olds the right to decide whether or not they’re jabbed (which they might well do, of course), they can’t jab the children unless doctors agree to give the jabs and parents allow them to do so.

Before the jabbing of children starts I expect we’ll hear the usual garbage from Devi Sridhar, the BBC, and the rest of them but they can’t jab the kids unless we all keep quiet and let them.

We have to come together on this to save the children.

Before I was officially downgraded to conspiracy theorist I was, for 50 years considered an expert on iatrogenesis and drug side effects and I can honestly think of only one reason to give the covid-19 jabs to children aged 5 to 11.

To kill them.

We know the covid jabs kill and maim in the short and medium term.

But we have no idea what harm they do in the long-term.

No one can tell you that. Dr Whitty can’t tell you what long-term dangers there are. Nor can Dr Fauci. Nor can Sridhar or Nurse Campbell. Share this video widely and urgently. Encourage parents to keep their children safe from this mortal threat.

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