Who’s Behind ‘Don’t Pay’?

UNN’s David Clews asks the questions of Don’t Pay and if their motives are genuinely to help the people when all prices have skyrocketed to a now unaffordable amount.

It is strange that this movement has mainstream media coverage when campaigns opposing the mandating of vaccines, vaccine passports and the use of lockdowns received no coverage. David also looks into the site that hosts their professional website and its links to George Soros, John Kerry and Clinton. (UNN/Bitchute)

On their website, the initiative Don’t Pay states the following: Millions of us won’t be able to afford food and bills this winter.

We cannot afford to let that happen. We demand a reduction of bills to an affordable level. We will cancel our direct debits from Oct. 1 if we are ignored. 

They also list a plan how to achieve this goal whilst collecting email addresses on the website. They have chosen Action Network as host for their platform which is funded by Soros and co. who are also behind BLM and the climate change hoax—movements that trick people into believing they are doing something good, whilst actually causing division and supporting lies.