Don’t Trust ANY of Their ‘Vaccines’

After two years of trying to get through to sleep-walking covid-believers, the truth is eventually sinking in. More and more are becoming aware that the covid mRNA injections are effectively causing harm.

Vaccine injury is no longer conspiracy theory or imaginary, but tough reality for those who are now injured or who have lost a loved-one.

The days when brave doctors or people like you and me were ridiculed for opposing vaccination against an illness that wasn’t dangerous for most people are over.

The numbers speak for themselves.

Harry Dougerthy on TCW made the following observation:

I asked my local authority, NHS Buckinghamshire, how many heart referrals they had dealt with each year from 2016 to 2022 so far. These were the results:

2016: 81

2017: 113

2018: 142

2019: 455

2020: 619

2021: 1284

2022: 449

We are barely halfway through this year, yet heart referrals in Buckinghamshire have likely exceeded the number for the last normal year. Heart referrals in 2021 were more than double that of 2020.

(See the full article here: The youngsters sacrificed on the Covid vaccine altar )

Are these results only the tip of the iceberg? What awaits us in the future? And what are the consequences of all other vaccines (in combination with the covid injection)?

We have been regularly bombarded with NHS letters persuading us to get our covid vaccine. We’re also constantly reminded of the flu vaccination, and parents with young children are told that their babies and toddlers need to be vaccinated.

Well, guess what. I no longer have the slightest trust left in these vaccines. If you don’t trust them either, there are three things you can do: ignore the letters, destroy the letters, and opt-out of the NHS vaccine indoctrination.

Let me be blunt. There are no safe vaccines, and they are not needed. The only safe thing about vaccines is that it makes a handful of rich people in big pharma even richer.

Perhaps it’s now time to say a big NO to big pharma’s interference in our bodily affairs. They are the only ones who benefit from the vaccines. Not you, not your children.

Don’t allow yourself or your child to be injected with anything that you wouldn’t inject yourself without persuasion, especially if you know it’s not necessary and could cause harm.