Door-To-Door Despotism: A Universal Vaccine Mandate Is Coming

By Tom Penn

The Health Secretary looks set to push through mandatory vaccination for all NHS workers, despite the Government’s open consultation on the matter having only closed on Friday (October 22) for supposed ‘analysis’.  

Care home staff have already been given a second jab vaccination deadline of November 11 before ‘get out and get another job’ regulations come into force, and in anticipation of this next of Javid’s inevitable moves it is well worth taking a closer look at the care home mandate (updated October 19) to fully comprehend what it shall mean for all people, not just those employed by the NHS.

For now at least, the friends and relatives of care home residents mercifully do not need to show proof of vaccination or clinical exemption, but couriers who need to carry bulky deliveries into the building, job interviewees and workers carrying out non-urgent maintenance do, despite not being required to go anywhere near residents: protocol Fawlty Towers esque in comedic value, were the context not so sickening.

Since September 15, care home workers have been able to ‘self-certify’ a medical exemption from Covid-19 vaccination (exemption on religious or philosophical grounds being invalid), but on October 1 they entered the beginning of a 12 week period during which they must have this self-certification approved by a GP or relevant clinician; whose decision shall remain unchallengeable.

This must be achieved by December 24 in what is no doubt a strategic date chosen by the Health Secretary so that those who refuse to do so can be blamed for any Christmas misery faced by residents then left at the very real and cruel mercy of the problems these agitprop superspreaders will be purported to have caused. Such pathogenic refuseniks may even end up accountable, albeit in media terms, for the elevated level of care home deaths during what shall be our ‘first’ Covid/Flu hybrid winter: the death toll of the latter undoubtedly to be disguised within the former to provide further justification for yet more mandates. Make no mistake, in the Gordian Knot of duplicity that has become normal life, it shall be the unvaccinated of the country who ruin Christmas – this year.

The implications of these not oft discussed aspects of the care home mandate on the nation as a whole are truly ruinous, and enable us to piece together a vision of just how this winter may pan out in terms of interventions.

Chief executive of the NHS Confederation Matthew Taylor, whose throat must be in tatters after recent diatribes against freedom, has also said that ‘we may need to just get used to the fact that the booster campaign needs to happen every six months and prepare for that.’ Should this become the case then an individual will not be considered fully vaccinated unless they have also received their latest booster shot: a merry-go-round of control already endorsed by Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews, a tyrant who also said ‘I’m not taking lectures on freedom from people who will hold all of us back.’

Margaret Harris, a spokesperson for the World Health Organisation, recently stated that ‘the vaccine isn’t going to get us out of this… we really have to do other measures’: advice which contradicts Johnson’s stance that they are ‘safe, they save lives, and they are our way out of this pandemic’, but when puppet Johnson opens his mouth on Covid matters, we know to expect the opposite of that he has been needled into saying. Plan B plus is being readied for execution.

Portentously, the Austrian government are considering lockdown style measures only for the unvaccinated, and this is perhaps the most disturbing of all the amplified lunacy of late. The successful implementation of such a lockdown in the UK would require the unvaccinated public not only to provide evidence of a clinically authenticated vaccine exemption (enabling them to retain the most basic of freedoms), but in the instances of refusal to comply to even this measure, an additional mandate for the requirement of a similarly authenticated medical exemption from mask wearing also, must surely then come into force (the unvaccinated the most likely not to use face coverings) – a measure not yet introduced in the UK, whose citizens so far have been able to ‘self-certify’ verbally their wish not to wear a mask. Without this additional control measure, this cohort of particularly stubborn individuals could risk quite literally not being permitted to set foot outside the house. How else to pick off the remaining vaccine refusers? 

Well, there’s only one place to go from there and that’s door-to-door vaccination: a measure already supported by some north of England’s impenetrable wall of vaccine cake. The consequences of ignoring such a knock on the door don’t bare thinking about; fines the least of any deviant’s worries in the long term.

The NHS vaccine mandate is imminent, and soon after that shall arrive the mandate for all workers everywhere. Johnson and Javid et al may drag their heels over the latter a little, but only to create the illusion of Britain’s resistance to such draconian measures: we are after all, such a liberty loving nation in the eyes of the world, apparently.

In reality, the only liberty the majority of the public in this tiny Re-education Farm enjoy is the freedom to relinquish all personal responsibility to the state; that they may never have to confront the harsh reality of their total absence of morals.

The normalisation of Governments’ increasingly cocky despotism is a sign that this winter shall, for them, be naught but a playground of opportunity to pummel the citizenry further into submission; who if the last 20 months are anything to go by, shall perceive the assault as little more than commendatory thumps on the back for their patriotism.