Dr Byram Bridle Victim of Smear Campaign Because of Speaking Out Against Toxic Covid ‘Vaccines’

During a conference in Parliament Hill, Canada, concerns are raised about censorship of doctors and scientists as well as medical information related to vaccines. Doctors speaking: Byram Bridle (associate professor of viral immunology, University of Guelph), Dr. Patrick Phillips (family and emergency medicine physician in Ontario), and Don Welsh (professor of physiology and pharmacology, Western University).

Here is the short radio interview where Dr Byram Bridle, professor of viral immunology, explains that the spike protein in the covid ‘vaccines’ is a very dangerous toxin: https://thewhiterose.uk/dr-byram-bridle-professor-of-viral-immunology-the-spike-protein-in-the-covid-vaccines-is-a-very-dangerous-toxin/

Back-up video:

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