2 thoughts on “Dr Roger Hodkinson: All Testing Should Stop!

  1. I am so relieved to have found this website and its wonderful content. I have had a horrible gut feeling since all of this started in March but everyone I speak to thinks I am mad including my husband. I am practising psychologist and can see every stage used in all genocides – I have lectured on the psychology of aggression and genocide. I am sure you get lots of offers of help but if there is anything I can do beyond refusing to comply, trying to reach others and protesting I am willing to do so. I fear what the intended outcome is and do believe it will be horrifying for humanity.

    1. Thank you for your response and for offering your help! I often hear from people who are experiencing the same. As lockdown sceptics we sometimes appear to be alone with our opinion, but there are a lot of us throughout the country!
      If you have spare time, you could look through the texts on the White Rose website and notify me of any spelling mistakes or sentences that need improvement.
      There’s going to be a protest on Monday outside the Houses of Parliament, if that’s something you’d like to participate.

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