Dystopian Aldi Shop – Piers Corbyn Pays Strawberries With Cash

In a recently released clip, Corbyn purchased a box of strawberries while the store’s staff attempted to stop him. “I’m gonna buy some strawberries, and I’m offering exactly the right amount of money here, on the help desk,” Corbyn said while laying out a handful of coins on the desk. “So you people take that money — one pound, 19 — and I will take my strawberries outside.”

Corbyn then began to make his way out of the store while an employee told him that he will be calling the police. “If you wanna call the police, call the police,” Corbyn replied. “I have paid my legal tender,” he then said as an employee initially attempted to physically block him from leaving before eventually relenting.

After exiting the store, Corbyn received claps and cheers from bystanders. He then proceeded to share his strawberries with onlookers, even offering a strawberry to one of the employees.

“Brilliant, absolutely brilliant,” said one onlooker. “Because you should be able to spend whatever you want, it’s an absolute joke.”

(Source: https://patriotalerts.com/2023/08/i-have-paid-my-legal-tender-man-defies-dystopian-cashless-policies-in-hilarious-clip/)

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