EMF Radiation Putting Health at Risk

A reader writes:

Hello and God bless you!

They have been slowly killing us with emf radiation for years. In my case, via the ‘smart’ electricity meter installed in my home in 2015. Although it was only when ‘imprisoned’ in my home that I began to get serious migraines. The photographed EMF meter is balanced on my headboard. The ‘smart’ meter is on the other side of the wall in a cupboard.

I’m 67, unvaxxed, losing my balance and lately the intensity of my headaches causes me to vomit.  There is not one place in my home that I can find a clean (green light) space to sleep.  The Site Surveyor came from the National Power Network to give me a quote to move the meter to an outside wall today, and I am told I can expect it to be £1,260 if I get a builder to do the excavation.

Like thousands, I’m financially destitute thanks to the lockdowns. I make my pension stretch to feed myself. I am scared, sleeping in the garden and feeling desperate. As a pensioner and homeowner, under the Government Greener Home Scheme in 2021, I was offered ten thousand pounds worth (allegedly) of ‘free insulation’ for my entire house, to be encased in aluminium cladding (which needed to be earthed) and plastered over for insulation purposes. Would this wonderful offer have turned my home into a kill-box of radiation with wifi and ‘smart’ devices on the inside of the aluminium cladding?
I don’t know why I didn’t accept but when I saw the WCH presentation on the safety of 5G at Easter, I said a prayer of thanks.

How many vulnerable pensioners, retired in valuable homes, might have accepted the government’s offer and now be cooking their brains?!

With genuine thanks for what you do!
Kindest regards,

I’ve just learned that Amazon are keen to break into the growing vaccine market and have partnered with Fred Hutchinson to develop new vaccines for breast and skin cancer.

Interesting choices! Given the number of young women unwittingly tucking their weaponised smartphones into their bras and halter tops, and most of us risking skin cancer in our overly irradiated homes.


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