‘Endgame: The Hidden Agenda 21’, a Futuristic Book by Vernon Coleman

In Coleman’s latest book ‘Endgame’ he goes through a whole list of terms that have more or less directly to do with the coronavirus hype we have experienced for over a year. The terms are listed in alphabetical order. They range from short paragraphs with only one sentence up to several page-long descriptions. In this book you will find out what Agenda 21 has to do with The World Economic Forum, the UN and the One World Order.

Dr Vernon Coleman is aware of the connection between the climate fraud and the manufactured covid crises and shows how to connect the dots. The book is written as a future perspective, of which most of it is already occurring.

If you still happen to believe that anything going against the government narrative is conspiracy theory, after reading Coleman’s book you won’t any more, unless you persist in denying the obvious.

Here are some excerpts from the book:

They thought it would be a damned good wheeze to create massive, worldwide pollution and then blame the citizens of the world for the mess and, having blamed theme for making the mess, to force the to clear it up.


Billionaires worked out ways to change the temperature, control the weather and force us to eat laboratory made food. Psychologists were hired to brainwash us all. The police were pushed into demonising themselves as well as us. ID cards and microchips were promoted as ‘a really good thing’ and there was much talk of the need to depopulate the world.


The deaths caused by the closure of hospital departments in 2020 were all part of the plan. The world’s billionaires decided some decades ago that the world was overpopulated. They want to kill a few billion of us. The closure of farms is part or the plan too. They need many of us to starve to death. Most of those who die of starvation will be in Africa. (Ironically, Black Lives Matter campaigners have completely missed this and have been persuaded to put their energy into removing statues and eradicating history.)


This is the most evil, most carefully planned, most deadly conspiracy in human history. A senior official at the United Nations has talked of a Luciferian initiation. The plan is wicked beyond belief.


The face coverings in particular are causing brain damage and as the weeks and months pass by, the brain damage done by hypoxia and hypercapnia will be considerable.


The odd thing is that doctors aren’t allowed to talk about vital health issues but bankers and billionaires can make statements about health issues all day long.


Their aim is plainly visible; it is to dehumanise humans, to allow robots to take over the world, to deprive us all of our hearts and souls and of our freedom and democracy. The aim of the fourth industrial revolution is to control who we are as well as what we do and what we think. This is what they mean by the Great Reset. Al babies will be programmed. Robots will take over virtually all jobs. The world population will be reduced by 95%. The UN’s stated aim is for the industrialised nations to collapse. ‘No one,’ says the UN, ‘will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian initiation.’


They have got us concentrating on the means not the end, the medium not the message. The purpose is lost in the undergrowth because they have got us studying the leaves, not the trees and certainly not the woods.


If we lose this war it will be because not enough people care enough to do something. And if we do lose then we will be nothing more than slaves in a totalitarian society that will make the USSR and China look like a benevolently run holiday camp.


Endgame – The Hidden Agenda 21 is available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Endgame-Hidden-Agenda-Vernon-Coleman/dp/B08Z5LSKVH


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