Everyone Shall Be Crushed Under Apartheid, Not Just the Unvaccinated

By Tom Penn

What those who champion apartheid both vocally and in their silence fail to comprehend, is that the ruinous costs of segregation shall ultimately be borne by all in society, not simply the unvaccinated.

Escaping direct prohibitions on liberty shall, in the end, prove futile for the vaccinated, as they shall merely end up impaled on the social, economic, familial, psychological, and political fallout of a society they themselves helped re-engineer to run on discrimination: a process which paradoxically shall cause its collapse.

Those who have invested the entirety of their faith in a product which not only does not work but which can nevertheless cause the expiry of one’s status as free citizen, shall never be able to fully savour the rewards contingent upon being ‘fully vaccinated’ unless this status is rebooted with the latest dose, and such people shall be in for a severe shock once they realise these rewards shall lose all meaning and pleasure when experienced within the tense framework of a society all aspects of which are on fire.

If we project into the future the same narrative we have experienced thus far since March 2020, following its trajectory without deviation, then unless we take a stand against all Covid-19 mandates immediately, those storm clouds of Johnson’s shall not only gather over Britain, but then hang there in perpetuity like a coffin lid.

Under apartheid all children shall inevitably have a smaller pool of peers from which to draw friendship, love and support, as unvaccinated youngsters could potentially be taught separately, or in the worst case scenario permanently home-schooled online. Inter-vaccine-status friendships outside of school could also prove impossible to sustain in the long-term.

As if the transition into adulthood wasn’t enough of a social minefield already, once these children bloom into teenagers and young adults, they risk finding themselves in one of only two tribes – the ‘up-to-date’ vaccinated or the ‘unfashionable’ unvaccinated – who shall inevitably end up at loggerheads both locally, and via social media, nationally. Rarely shall the two groups mix in any meaningful way, with both sides suffering all the more for it. Bullying shall flourish under apartheid.

All present-day adults who harbor no fear of segregation shall learn a hard lesson indeed once they begin witnessing their families riven by discord. This is already happening.

Stubbornly conformist parents, content to adhere to apartheid’s inter-house prohibitions on mixing, risk disowning their own offspring in the name of fear, hypochondria and patriotic duty; grandparents their own grandchildren.

Siblings shall quarrel like never before, and unable to find any common moral or philosophical ground shall fall out of touch and see their bonds dissolve; lifelong pals likewise. It may become convoluted to the point of impossible, for even the up-to-date vaccinated to visit oversees relatives and friends regardless of either party’s health status: both sides held hostage to the accelerated discriminatory travel and quarantine laws of both their own State and the destination State. This is already happening.

In a world designed around segregation, independent businesses will continue to fold one after the other: pro-narrative enterprises coming face-to-face with the brutal reality that in the absence of any unvaccinated staff or custom, it shall be the little man first trampled underfoot by HMRC and the Bank.

The great British boozer – just about the only remaining totem of our former liberty, and itself already on the precipice – shall see its spirit crushed entirely. A place exclusive only to the vaccinated shall be bled dry of any charm and character until even the up-to-date themselves opt to stay at home and drink in front of the television; once rubbing shoulders with carbon-copies of themselves becomes more a chore than a chance for wonderfully nutty banter and the interpersonal growth it engenders. One’s partner shall become landlord; the television one’s drinking companion.

And what of the elderly under apartheid? Well, the already choiceless voiceless in society shall, I dare say, perhaps ironically fare better than most. Well accustomed to being abandoned to the vagaries of their diminishing wits they shall be locked up away from it all, as they are now and were in the pre-Covid era. They shall simply die at the mercy of a diminished level of care much sooner than usual, but besides, who would want to live in such a rotten, bigoted, and dehumanised world anyway?

If it hasn’t totally evaporated already, spirituality shall likewise lose all nutrients. Such an intangible yet critical aspect of life feeds upon the ability to intermingle with those of opposing faiths, opinions, and politics; cultures, colours, trades – and vaccine-status. Yet all such demographics shall eventually also morph into but two tribes, and consequently, just as shall blight the environment of the pub for example, conversing with one’s peers on the mysteries of life shall in the end prove as fruitless as holding an endless dialogue with oneself in the mirror.

It shall be only the elite who profit from apartheid. They have always mixed exclusively with their own ilk regardless; only occasionally venturing out on poverty-safari so as to virtue-signal ahead of the latest money-spinning campaign. For everyone else used to a far more comprehensive palette of interactivity the implications shall be catastrophic.

It is a fallacy that it shall be only ardent narrative-believers afforded normality, via their faithful obedience to the Zero-Covid Papacy. If one by one countries institutionalise apartheid unchallenged, as is happening right now with shockingly weak domestic and international condemnation, then these believers shall prove themselves to have been not only double-jabbed but double-brainwashed – as the original deceitful narrative they, promised freedom, gave succour to with their jab uptake, testing, and face coverings, gives rise to a horrendous second promise of freedom – the ‘temporary’ necessity of apartheid – given succour this time with their silence.

‘Just one more heave‘, Johnson shall say.