Evidence in Government and Official Data Children Should Not Be Given the Covid Vaccines

A reader has composed a letter which he is sending to various members of parliament. We are publishing the letter in case anyone else wants to follow suit. Please also pay attention to this file: Evidence in government and official data children should not be given the covid vaccines

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I am writing to you to oppose the idea and any proposals that children should be offered the covid vaccines.
With a 0.00002% probability or a 1 in 5 million chance of dying with a covid diagnosis, a healthy 10-19 year-old is known to be at least 225 times more likely to die immediately from the vaccine, which has a recorded risk of death of 0.0045% for two doses, than from covid.

With a 0.00022% probability or a 1 in half-a-million chance of dying with a covid diagnosis, a vulnerable 10-19 year-old is known to be at least 20 times more likely to die immediately from the vaccine than die of covid.

The attached letter presents data from the UK Government, Office of National Statics, NHS, MHRA, US CDC and US FDA showing unequivocally that:

1. Children and young people, both vulnerable and healthy, are at an extremely low risk from covid, and are many more times likely to commit suicide or be killed in a road accident;

2. The general population is at less risk from covid than from influenza and pneumonia, two doses of the covid vaccine are proven to be only half as deadly immediately than covid for healthy individuals with the long term risks still unknown, and projecting an estimate from test data are likely to be immediately as deadly as covid for healthy individuals;

3. Children and young people, both vulnerable and healthy, are more at risk of dying from the vaccine than from covid;

4. The vaccines have a very low Absolute Risk Reduction rate and will make very little impact on covid cases or deaths in children or adults, and will have little impact on reducing transmission too;

5. There is no long-term safety data for the vaccines, and the vaccines are made using new techniques which have never before been approved for human use, and though are denominated vaccines contain elements essential to their functioning that also fall into the category of gene therapy, over which there are dangers in the long term recognised by official bodies;

6. The vaccines are in trial stages still, authorised only for temporary use in an emergency, which as stated and proved here cannot be seen to exist, so anyone taking the vaccine will effectively be participating in an experiment, which as it is not being declared openly to the public is a violation of the Nuremberg Code;

7. As the data and information regarding this situation and the vaccines, though not being hidden from the public is not being openly presented, children and young people especially are not able to evaluate this situation for themselves and understand the nature of the vaccine and the risks involved in taking it, so they cannot be asked for their own consent, and neither should parents be placed in a position where they are asked to consent to something whose necessity and risks they have not been able to evaluate;

8. As the vaccines are still in trial phases, children and young people will certainly not be able to comprehend the implications of being volunteers in such an experiment;

9. As the vaccines made available have all been produced using the cells of aborted fetuses, these vaccines will also be unacceptable to children and young people of Christian families, other faiths and those who believe in the sanctity of life and that life begins at conception;

10. There was not a situation with a high enough mortality rate and a high-consequence infectious disease to impose the emergency measures of lockdowns, restrictions on movements and meetings and the vaccination programme in the first place.

Yours Sincerely,



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