Evil – Where Does It Come From?

By Roy M McIntosh

Where does it come from? Are we capable of it? Does it need leaders?

Over the years at times, I asked those questions as I could see evil on show—and that was overseas and at home!

In history, mainstream media, education etc we are told about the evil coming from Japan, Germany, China, Russia etc, we all go along with that.

But we should look closer to home and see what we find!

I shall not give the details because if I tried that, I may be writing till the next decade! I shall just name what is on top of my head.

1. The Highland clearances in Scotland

2. The miners’ strikes in the UK

3. Babies heads kicked off—Australia

4. Rwanda’s genocide—Yanks and Brits involvement

5. The Beggars Benison and Edinburgh Wig Club, Scotland

6. The Darien Scheme—what was behind it?

7. Children’s care homes—UK

8. Dodgy cover-ups—involving politicians, royals, Savile, Hamilton etc

I used to think that evil shown to others was one country against another, but when you look, it was right on our own doorstep. As I said, we are not being informed. You have to go and look for it, and it is not far away when you scratch under the surface of history.

Maybe at times we make excuses when our ‘flag’ is involved, and maybe a relative was involved…

That is how I found out about the Australian Aborigine babies’ heads being kicked off.

An uncle who lived in Australia from 1920 till he died, told me how the Aborigines were treated, so I read up on it and found the kicking of heads ‘horror show’.

In my mind I thought the evil was there, close to home, but I would try to make excuses and not want to believe.

Jump into the 2020s and all has been revealed. The ‘evil’ is not only in your own country, city and street but in your own very door!

Murder of the elderly spells it out, and people just turn a blind eye to it, as if it did not happen.

That was all done by the backing of politicians, doctors, churches, NHS and the mainstream media. Add on the jab ghouls going around like covid wizards, joyfully maiming and killing.

Yes, we all like to think that evil only exists across borders, but the truth is it’s in all areas of society and it is worldwide.

I think we should all look in the mirror and ask ourselves: Am I being honest?

Never Surrender