Excess Deaths Are 18% Above the Five-Year Average

By Douglas Brodie


My last email has been posted online with Joel, PSI, White Rose and Exposé and and I thank them for their support. Use this to link back to my prior “Family and Friends” posts.

With the rollout of another round of Covid boosters imminent, I feel compelled to update you with information vital to your wellbeing that you are unlikely to see in the corrupt mainstream media (MSM), apart from GB News. This email gives further evidence on the Covid pandemic being a fake and the dangers of taking the Covid so-called vaccines, including some very disturbing visuals of severe adverse reactions. Sorry this email is again quite long but it is difficult to précis this important material without loss of impact.

I have had no reply to my last email from my MP Mr Drew Hendry, not even an acknowledgment. By his silence he implicitly condones the shameless government agenda, acting on behalf of their psychopathic globalist overlords, to continue the lethal rollout of the “toxic by design“, ineffective Covid vaccines which we now know give an absolute risk reduction against being infected with Covid of a paltry 1%. The shameful vaccine rollout to children who are at no risk from the virus is a repeat theme of this email.

The above 1% figure comes from recently-released Pfizer clinical trial data from before their vaccine was given emergency use authorisation, which also showed that the risk of suffering a serious adverse side-effect from the vaccine was greater than the risk of being hospitalised by Covid, and that was against the more lethal original strain. These revelations ought to change the official narrative completely, but will they?

All the evidence shows that the “epidemic of the vaccinated” is real, for example with excess deaths now running at about 18% above the 5-year average. If we had an honest government which held proper respect for the rule of law, this absurd vaccination programme would have been stopped long ago given that it is being pursued in the face of indisputable evidence of the severe health risks it poses to recipients, using gene therapy injections that don’t work and against a virus which for most poses no risk whatsoever, yet for the few who are vulnerable, safe and effective alternative Covid treatments have been deliberately banned. Our corrupt politicians are in too deep on their fake pandemic emergency to pretend that they were panicked into overreacting to Coronavirus, never mind to admit to the heinous ulterior motive they are pursuing on behalf of their globalist overlords.

We have to assume that our politicians will continue to stonewall, to obfuscate and to lie, as ex-health minister Matt Hancock did many times, for example when he said that the Covid vaccines would not be rolled out to children. That clear statement, which we can all remember, is now practically impossible to find using partner-in-crime Google search, the 21st century incarnation of Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth”. Orwell’s novel “1984” was supposed to be a warning, not a blueprint.

The US health authorities are equally guilty of stonewalling on the huge numbers of US Covid vaccine injuries. In both the US and the UK this stonewalling is rehearsed playbook behaviour. Relate it to the pandemic simulation comment below on “plausible denial” to join the dots as to what is really going on.

To quote Mark Steyn’s stock catchphrase, “we live in the constant swirl of a blizzard of lies” and we shouldn’t believe a word they say. We have to rely on undistortable, unspinnable evidence such as all-cause death rates (surely they can’t hide the dead bodies), hospitalisation rates, insurance company statistics, birth rates (falling) and anecdotal evidence.

The only way to fight this tyranny is to stop complying. This email gives the latest anti-establishment news, opinions and insights to try to persuade more people to do just that.

New question to my MP

Just so that he doesn’t have an excuse to ignore this email, which he will anyway, my new no-brainer question to my MP Mr Drew Hendry is: Do you agree that we should follow Denmark and end Covid vaccinations for children up to age 18? If not, why not?

More evidence of the Covid “plandemic”

The word “plandemic” was used throughout Reiner Fuellmich’s Covid‑19 crimes against humanity mock trial. In this recent interview and podcast he expresses guarded optimism on how his work is progressing. He is now planning to convene crimes against humanity grand juries all across the USA.

Further to the myopic claims by some that I am “down a rabbit hole” with my “wild conspiracy theories”, the following gives a slew of further evidence to show that the past 2½ years have not been a natural pandemic at all, but instead have been a carefully pre-planned global conspiracy for the nefarious ulterior motive of reducing all of humanity to technocratically-shackled serfdom. I won’t repeat the extensive evidence on this already recorded in my prior emails.

The nightmare thought that our own politicians could be working in league with supranational bodies to act with malevolent intent against the people they are supposed to serve is very difficult to contemplate but it is the only logical explanation (“join the dots”) for the contrived, obviously pre-planned destructive chaos, privations, impositions and coercions currently being inflicted on us on multiple fronts.

The globalist overlords want to weaken and shackle the people because they are terrified they will rise up against them for the mess they have made of the global financial system. It’s the same scenario as has been acted out by tyrants over the ages, this time being enforced through psy‑ops and technocratic coercions rather than brute force.

With UK household energy bills set to double from already record highs and even worse for business users, I have already been proved right about the deliberately-destructive “climate change” policies which I have campaigned against for many years, being pushed through by “useful idiot” puppet politicians at the behest of their globalist overlords. Lord Frost and David Kurten agree with me, as does Mark Steyn who rails against the suicidal lunacy of our energy policies here, hereand here.

It shows how little respect the globalists have for the general public that with so much evidence of their plans staring us in the face, they have the unmitigated gall to pretend that their Covid chaos and the looming energy, food and cost of livinglockdown crises were unavoidable. For evidence, look at the dystopian WEF Great Reset (book)publicised by their fatuous Build Back Better mantra which implicitly admits their intention to first swing a wrecking ball. By 2030 we proles will supposedly “own nothing but be happy” living poorer, meaner lives in smaller homes using less electricity, heat and water, with less proper food to eat, with reduced car ownership and the world population mooted to reduce by 90%.

Several books already describe the Covid “plandemic” in detail. These include Covid‑19 and the Global Predators, we are the Prey by Dr Peter Breggin and States of Emergency, keeping the global population in check by Kees Van Der Pijl, both meticulously referenced. The revelations they both contain are very troubling, such as the work going on behind the scenes, in many cases funded by Bill Gates and others of his ilk, on injectable biochips and “transhumanism”, also documented by Reiner Fuellmich here.

Ex-Pfizer scientific vice president cum whistleblower Dr Mike Yeadon has recorded a new video interview in which he gives simple scientific proof of the Covid “plandemic”. He notes that it is mathematically impossible for a respiratory virus pandemic to last for as long as 2½ years. He breaks down the “plandemic” into four parts and predicts that part 4 will soon to be unleashed, pivoting from the fake Covid emergency which is now almost spent to the fake climate emergency, namely the rationing of food and/or fuel (to “save the planet”) which will be managed by issuing everyone with a digital id.

He further predicts that this will be followed by another fake pandemic and a mandatory new population-depleting vaccine which if not taken will cause your digital id to lapse, thereby denying you access to food and fuel. This tallies with the communist UN Agenda 2030 plans to control the food supply through a global command economy, see “If you control the food supply, you control everything”. Look at the massive farmer protests in Holland and elsewhere which go deliberately unreported by the complicit MSM. Dr Yeadon admits to being at a loss as to how this horror show can be avoided other than by mass public non-compliance and protest.

Dr Yeadon cites the work of Dr Denis Rancourt et al as further proof that the so-called Covid pandemic did not unfold naturally. His analyses of all-cause mortality data show that the pattern of deaths was mainly policy-induced, not natural, as the independent evidence recorded in my previous emails also shows.

Dr Yeadon refers to the video presentation Pandemic simulation games, preparing for a new era by German reporter Paul Schreyer. It tells how the “war on viruses” began back in the 1990s as the “war on bio-terror”. It describes a series of planning meetings organised by genocide-supporting bodies [I have evidence] such as the Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill Gates Foundation to simulate bio-terror and virus pandemic events, usually involving high-ranking government representatives and well-known journalists. The series spans “Dark Winter” (2001), “Global Mercury” (2003), “Atlantic Storm” (2005), “Clade X” (2018) right up to “Event 201” simulating a Coronavirus pandemic, held in October 2019.

Many themes familiar from today’s reality were discussed, such as “one-world government” and “plausible deniability”. One of the participants, a US military bio-weapons expert, wrote in the late 1990s:

“Using bioweapons under the cover of an endemic or natural disease occurrence provides an attacker the potential for plausible denial. Biological warfare’s potential to create significant economic loss and subsequent political instability coupled with plausible denial exceeds the possibilities of any other known weapon”. 

These planning simulations have also been documented by Reiner Fuellmich, e.g. here and here. 

The tactical methods discussed at Event 201 and earlier rehearsals have turned out to be suspiciously similar to what we have been subjected to over the past 2½ years, for example in the use of “plausible denial” on the origin of SARS‑CoV‑2 (Dr David Martin gives a novel answer in his interview below) and on the ensuing Covid vaccine injuries and deaths. Herr Schreyer declines to offer a “conspiracy theory” conclusion of his own but he gives a strong suggestionthat the unsustainable US Fed balance sheet (US government debt currently stands at $30 trillion) may have been the trigger for Coronavirus, as also concluded by Reiner Fuellmich here.

In a further “conspiracy theory” twist, a Monkeypox simulation exercise was held in March 2021. That simulation predicted an outbreak of Monkeypox in May 2022, which by an amazing coincidence is exactly when real cases started to surface. Despite the best efforts of the corrupt WHO head Tedros who declared it a public health emergency of international concern and globalist puppet Biden who declared it a US public health emergency, it has failed to gainfearmongering traction.

Isn’t it odd how such simulations tend to be followed within a short time by the “real” thing?

I’ll now refer to a video interview of Dr Richard Fleming, a highly qualified US doctor and medical patent expert with a law degree, helpfully posted by Joel Smalley. This interview is a devastating indictment of the establishment’s mishandling of Coronavirus.

Dr Fleming lambasts the so-called science of Coronavirus but declines to speculate as to why such skulduggery took place. He only touches on the “plandemic” theme by saying he is certain that SARS‑CoV‑2 is a lab-engineered bio-weapon funded by the US government, the result of gain-of-function research on the spike protein, making it more infectious. He believes that the mRNA/RNA “vaccines” produced by Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen are also bio-weapons, delivering the same toxic spike protein as the virus but in loads up to 5 million times higher. He goes as far as to say that those responsible need to be held to account, including on charges of treason.

See Joel’s post for a summary the other main points from Dr Fleming’s testimony. This video should be required viewing for everyone, especially anyone contemplating taking a Covid jab as Dr Fleming uses simple language to eviscerate the establishment’s official Covid narrative. Sadly, many people still don’t realise that if they comply with the government’s criminally-dishonest Covid vaccination exhortations, they are playing Russian Roulette with their own life for no useful purpose (except maybe to be allowed to travel abroad).

Finally, this video interview of Dr David Martin consolidates all of the above “plandemic” evidence. Dr Martin (not a medical doctor) founded and owns a company which has provided research and corporate advisory services to over 160 countries and he has personally served as an advisor to the World Bank and many governments. He is an expert on bio-weapons, he wrote his first classified briefing about bio-weapons corruption in 2001 and has been presenting lectures at bio-weapons conferences since then. He has been tracking US health czar Dr Anthony Fauci’s spending and claims that Dr Fauci has authorised $191 billion in funds for the bio-weaponisation of viruses against humanity.

Dr Martin and his group are in the process of suing President Biden and various public and corporate bodies including the US FDA, CDC, Pfizer and Moderna over the deaths and injuries from the Covid‑19 bio-weapons fraudulently passed off as “vaccines”. He is confident of eventual success.

This mind-blowing video is a must-watch. He gives evidence that the Covid‑19 pandemic was pre-planned and that the vaccines are bio-weapons. He warns that with so many people having already taken the Covid vaccine “we are going to see a very large population killed off, not by accident but by design”. He says that the people running this “organised crime” are worse than the Nazis. He repeats the Robert F Kennedy Jnr explanation I recorded here of why they are rolling out the “vaccines” to children – it’s all about liability indemnity, not public health. These monsters don’t care how many children die or get maimed as a result.

Let’s hope Dr Martin’s dire predictions don’t come about. Let’s hope his legal action comes to a swift and successful conclusion. Go to prosecutenow.com for updates.

More evidence of Covid vaccine injuries and deaths

The following random selection of facts and postings show how abnormally dire the current situation is. Many of these are of themselves evidence of the “plandemic”:

Check the simple graph in this Joel Smalley posting based on publicly-accessible data showing how heart failure referrals to Liverpool University Hospitals have been significantly higher since the start of the Covid vaccine rollout than they were before. As Dr Mike Yeadon says in the comments, “It’s open and shut”. These statistics tally with last month having seen the highest number of ambulance callouts for life-threatening conditions since records began. According to Dr Tony Hinton on GB News, the NHS is in paralysis because hospitals are 10% occupied by bed-blockers who should be in care homes or under social care at home but can’t be because 100,000 care home and social care staff quit their jobs over Javid’s tyrannical, medically-unjustified Covid vaccine mandate. These people don’t want to go back because they were so badly treated.

A recent study shows that a shocking 1 in 3 teenage children who have taken the Covid vaccine suffer cardiovascular side-effects and 1 in 43 suffer heart inflammation. As this top comment says “All this for a disease that has an effective CFR of zero in this age group”. This tallies with the EuroMONO graphs of excess mortality. Scroll down to the 1-14 years graph which shows excess child mortality in week 30 of 2022 about 2600% higher than it was in the same week of 2021, pre-Covid vaccinations for children.

Watch this disturbing 2-minute video of people in all walks of life keeling over very suddenly, surely falling far too heavily to be staged, lifted from this post showing separate public view cases. These are presumably examples of the mysterious new scourge of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome which supposedly has doctors baffled.

If you have the time and the nerve (the imagery is emotionally disturbing), watch the 1½‑hour video entitled “mRNA vaccine genocide” embedded in this posting.

Recent data from a large German insurer indicate a staggering rise in adverse effects from the Covid‑19 vaccines. For the four diagnostic codes analysed, in 2019 the total number of confirmed diagnoses was 13,777. In 2020 it was 15,044. In 2021 it was 437,593, representing an increase of about 3,000% over the average of pre-vaccine 2019-2020.

In Canada, it is reported that fourteen young doctors have died over the last 9 months. (All doctors in tyrant Trudeau’s Canada should by now have had two booster jabs. UK tyrant Javid eventually backed down on his vaccine mandate for NHS staff. Medics in Israel have come to their senses and are refusing the 4th dose). The article explains how exceptionally unusual these deaths are, yet the corrupt Canadian health authorities and MSM keep schtum about it. Skim the 1,000 comments for anecdotes of many other Covid vaccine injuries and deaths.

According to recent data from the ONS, there have been 12,517 excess non-Covid deaths registered in England and Wales in the 14 weeks since April 23rd. The same trend in excess deaths is occurring all over the world and the fact thatour corrupt politicians and MSM show no interest in investigating this after all they did to scare everyone witless over Covid deaths (falsely-exaggerated to boot) tells you all you need to know about the game they are playing.

Based on anecdotal and private polling evidence, Steve Kirsch estimates that you are 25 times more likely to be injured and 20 times more likely to die if you take the Covid jab. Based on professional polling commissioned in the US, 15% of Americans were diagnosed with a new medical condition shortly after receiving their Covid vaccination.

Listen to this recorded telephone call where a father whose 7-year-old son has developed myocarditis after being given the Covid vaccine (prognosis, possible death within 5 years) gets his pharmacist to admit that they don’t warn about the vaccine risks “in case they scare the parent into not getting their child vaccinated”. No doubt she was only following orders.

I listen to various friends and family talk about heart irregularities they have recently started to experience or strokes or auto-immune disorders they have suffered as if such sad afflictions were a natural consequence of growing older. Sorry, but there have been far too many such cases since the start of the Covid vaccine rollout for it to be coincidence. The evidence is indisputable, and was forewarned before the start of the rollout, that the Covid vaccines cause blood clots, heart attacks, strokes, immune suppression and neuro-degenerative effects but our contemptible politicians and MSM won’t even talk about it.

The recent death of Olivia Newton-John tallies with the massive increase in cancer cases since the rollout of the Covid vaccines, never mentioned by the corrupt MSM. We all know that for over three decades Olivia had successfully battled breast cancer. It is surely not wild conjecture to suspect that being coerced into taking the dangerous Covid vaccine caused damage to her immune system which resulted in a fatal flare-up of her in-remission cancer.

Belatedly, the Covid unvaccinated are now being vindicated. They have been vilified and sanctioned but they have performed a vital public service by acting as a control group which, by their relatively better health, is now showing up the Covid vaccine adverse effects afflicting those who submitted to the government’s exhortations to take the vaccine.

Sadly and paradoxically, the Covid vaccinated are now the danger group. The vaccine is likely to have disrupted their immune system, making them more prone to contracting Covid and other conditions than the unvaccinated. The corrupt establishment continues to deny that such adverse outcomes have anything to do with the vaccines, falling back on their rehearsed stance of “plausible denial”. Even if they don’t have Covid, for up to 8 weeks after taking the vaccine the vaccinated hold a massively bigger load of dangerous Covid spike protein produced by the vaccine than they would ever have from a Covid infection, which means they could be shedding to those around them.


Are Reiner Fuellmich and his large team of experts all “down a rabbit hole” just because they are never mentioned by the corrupt, complicit MSM? Are Dr Mike Yourdon, Dr Richard Fleming and Dr David Martin whose views are documented above all “down a rabbit hole” just because they have been banned by Twitter or disparaged by a Bill Gates or Pfizer-funded “fact checker”? Why does presenting carefully-researched, unrefuted evidence in my “Family and Friends” series of emails imply that I am “down a rabbit hole”?

To use a different idiom, I suggest that anyone who has been presented with all this evidence and still can’t accept that we are being horribly abused by our politicians has their “head in the sand”. I realise it is probably psychologically difficult for those still in denial, but as Neil Oliver says in this brilliant summary of how and why we are being abused and taken for a ride, “it’s time to think the unthinkable” that our politicians are acting against us with malevolent intent. Wake up and join the dots, before it’s too late!

We need to stop complying and start resisting. The first imperative is to stop taking any more Covid vaccines. People need to realise that if they take the dangerous, ineffective jab they are playing Russian Roulette with their own life for no useful benefit to themselves or the rest of society.

We need to fight the “useful idiot” clone politicians from across the establishment parties who are disenfranchising the electorate by pushing the unmandated, unwanted policies demanded by their unaccountable WEF/UN/WHO/Big Money/Big Tech globalist overlords.

We need to junk the Net Zero conspiracy, not just “pause it” as WEF puppet Liz Truss proposes. We are being taken for fools by WEF puppet Sunak when he says that high energy prices are a sacrifice we should be happy to suck up to support Ukraine. It is so obvious that all the “emergencies” these people are inflicting on us are fake. This Bob Moran cartoon sums it up.

It could soon become a criminal offence to tell the truth if that truth goes against the official government narrative. Establishment tyrants are already a planning to extend censorship on the fake Covid narrative to the fake climate change narrative, see here and here. We need to junk all the plans for totalitarian censorship and constraints on free speech loaded into the Online Safety Bill.

We need to junk all the plans for rolling out digital ids which will pave the way for a surveillance dystopia of mandatory vaccinations and social credits with central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) to enslave us all on a Universal Basic Income and control our spending, consumption, travel and who knows what else under a system of undemocratic technocratic world governance. Look at the potential Orwellian dystopia of CBDC controls as explained by an ex-WEF insider. Look at what is already happening in communist China.

We need to fight the globalists and their communist Agenda 2030 which no democratic electorate has ever mandated. The UN and WHO are corrupt and not fit for purpose yet we are allowing them to usurp our national sovereignty. We need a new leader who is prepared to tell them and their globalist co-conspirators to take a hike and, in the words of Jordan Peterson, Leave us alone!

Maybe we need a new Magna Carta!

Bob Moran: Told you so