Extinction Rebellions Don’t Notice That the Globalists Have Been Using Them From the Start

By Johnny Fisher

How could anyone imagine that the world’s climate, which has changed continuously, on its own, for millions of years, at different times being far hotter and far colder than it is now, has recently spun out of control because of human activity, and that we are currently living through some sort of mass extinction event, without the existence of some very compelling evidence? Evidence that every climate scientist in the world would agree with, for a start. Evidence that would tally with our personal experience of the beginnings of this catastrophe, in terms of unprecedented, dramatic weather conditions unfolding all around us.

And that would be real weather conditions, not fake 40° measurements taken on the tarmac of RAF bases, while jet fighters turn the entire base into a heat haze. Not reports of house fires with no context as if hot weather makes buildings spontaneously ignite. Not dark red weather maps across Europe, even when the weather is just pleasantly warm. Not bush fires raging in Australia because activists have prevented the creation of fire breaks. And not hurricanes in Florida, where the reporter struggles against the ferocious wind and rain, while in the background a man strolls calmly over the road to his car.

I mean actual, real changes in the weather. And these haven’t happened. Which is hardly surprising since, even on Extinction Rebellion’s own statistics, the average world temperature has increased by just half a degree in the last forty years. So why would anyone think that the world’s climate is out of control?

But instead of answering this like serious people, Extinction Rebellion just says that the “science is settled”.

Now, we all know that no scientist would ever utter such a statement, because that isn’t how science works. But more than that, it is a lie, since the only thing this statement could mean is that all the scientists agree, which they plainly do not. Last year over a thousand scientists published a statement called the World Climate Declaration, in which they make it quite clear that they completely disagree.

In other words, Extinction Rebellion has decided to abandon science and, instead, they just believe. They think they are the priests and priestesses of nature, gifted with the sensitivity to feel the earth’s pain. Unlike the rest of us, who exist on a level far below them. In other words, as has been said many times, they are a cult.

Should we be afraid of Extinction Rebellion in the same sort of way?

Not of the cranks themselves, no, because there aren’t enough of them. But of the globalists who are driving the whole thing? The ones who created and keep repeating the climate propaganda, the ones telling us that dramatic social changes are required in order to keep us from disaster? In other words, the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, the Bilderberg Group, the G7 etc.? Very much so.

While Net Zero may be absurd in climate terms, in political terms it has real meaning: a new world in which the same globalists who created the covid lies, who invented the vaccines, who are covering up the vaccine damage, the ones who are starting World War Three in Ukraine – all these people will be running the show.

And we will be their drones, working in fifteen-minute prisons, our money, travel, jobs, opinions, all controlled by the state. And this will be worldwide, so, unlike in Mao’s China, we won’t even have the slim chance of escaping to a free country.

At which point, of course, Extinction Rebellion members will no longer be of use to their globalist overlords, and will find themselves, to their horror, being treated as ordinary proles, like everyone else. They will never again be special for the rest of their lives.

And in the meantime the climate won’t have changed at all.

Imagine being duped into such extreme, aggressive campaigning, alienating the public, risking arrest, risking a prison sentence, and then finding that all you have done is help create a global prison state.

We need Extinction Rebellion members to help us fight back against the future that Orwell warned us about. But they cannot wake up because they are too narcissistic and too naïve. And too stupid.

They are stupid to believe the climate change lie, to think they are special, and not to notice that the globalists have been using them from the start. Stupid to trust that the same globalists actually believe this stuff themselves, and stupid not to notice that they are helping the UK government to introduce unprecedented legislation to crush public protests.

But, most of all, they are stupid not to see that we are in the biggest spiritual battle in history, a battle that has nothing whatever to do with the climate. And in that battle, out of sheer naïveté, they have picked the wrong side.

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