False Climate Change Science On the Rise

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with Monday’s UK Column News.

Topics in this video:

  • 00:27 – IPCC Report Code Red Warning
  • 17:17 – Do Not Question Science Because That’s Unscientific Apparently
  • 29:54 – We Can’t Trust Medical Claims Anymore
  • 35:34 – Emails From UK Column Members
  • 37:06 – Nicola Sturgeon’s Slopey Shoulders
  • 40:35 – The Italians Refuse To Play Divide and Conquer
  • 41:46 – No Safety or Any Other Data But Booster Roll Out Anyway
  • 44:25 – RT Propaganda Nonsense To Falsely Accuse People Of Extremism
  • 49:01 – Glasgow Rat Infestation
  • 49:59 – Nippy Digs A Deeper Hole
  • 53:00 – Drug Related Deaths In the UK
  • 56:11 – Payment Processor’s Purchase An Indulgence
  • 58:54 – Apple Expands Child Protection It claims
  • 01:05:19 – Beware COVID Doublespeak


Educate yourself and download the document: There Is No Climate Emergency

A reader also recommends avoiding the Extinction Rebellion actions – the next one will take place on August 23:

Extinction Rebellion not only promote the government Agenda21 and are financially supported by the globalist elites, they also are acting in effect to end freedom of protest and demolish Britain.

Their plan to invade London on 23 August, causing mayhem and provoking disturbance, will give credence to the repressive Crime Bill which the government is progressing. True resistance comes from the people and not from manufactured groups who treacherously act as fraudulent agents for Agenda 21 and the climate change instrument of demolition.

In these unbelievable days it is vital to stay alert and sober. Our freedom, our rights, our children’s futures, their very lives are being attacked and demolished by methods of Blitzkrieg both psychological and medical as well political.

The whole British state and establishment now functions as a military juggernaut in alliance with the media, big business and Extinction Rebellion. The beaches have been taken – we are now at war in supermarkets, doctors surgeries, public houses and in our own homes against the regime of terror and the empire which three times before England defeated.

Now it is on shore and every patriot is called to stand and fight peacefully and lawfully in the defence of the Isles and the children of the Isles. England is now the centre of the world struggle for the survival of humanity; for if England falls to Nazism or InterNazism the world will fall.

But as always, truth will succeed!